Summary: A second in a series of sermons on God’s judgment on nations who walk away from Him.

Will God Judge America

Ezekiel 5:5-16

This morning we saw how God has set watchmen to warn the people of approaching disaster. We also saw how each one of us are the watchmen. I as pastor am to warn my flock and you in turn are to warn the nation. Many today, pastors as well as church members fail to give the warning. Many scoffed at the idea that God would judge America. But if he judged Israel what makes us think He want judge us. Since the 1930s God has been sending warnings trying to draw us His people back to Him. He has called for us to repent. He is calling for us to once again trust in Him and to serve Him and not the god mammon.

And we have laughed at the watchman’s, we have abused the watchman, we have ridiculed the watchman for crying out the warning, and we have ignored the watchman. We do what we want to do. We live like we want to live. God is not the god of our life. He has in many churches become just a figure head. Many don’t even worship Him. Some churches have become social clubs for many. Prestige in what church you belong to has become more important than who you worship. People are more concerned with what you wear than how you worship.

God is a loving God but remember He is a jealous God one who does not like to share. We have set Him aside in our nation, taken Him out of our schools because we fear that His Ten Commandments could do physiological damage to the young minds of our children but the Koran can be taught. We can’t pray to Jesus because that might inflict damage to developing young minds. The only religion in America that is legally under attack by the government and the people is Christianity. All others are okay but we have to monitor Christianity, we have to restrain Christianity because it could be dangerous. Yes God can and He will judge this nation the only questions are when and how.

God has sent warning after warning just as He sent warning after warning to Israel. His watchmen have sounded the alarm and no one is paying attention to it. He sent financial disaster during the 1930s. Many suffered. Fathers just packed up and left their kids and families. Children did not know when or where their next meal may come from. And still the people did not heed the warnings. They continued to seek after the things they wanted instead of what God wanted. They continue to leave the church to seek after the things of this world, instead of depending on God and serving Him. They have quit truly worshiping Him.

In the 1950s He sent another warning with Korea. We as a nation have walked so far away from God. We no longer have the stomachs for war. We have become arrogant and look at ourselves as the world police agency. We feel that we can solve the world’s problems. Yet when it cost us in money or the lives of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, or daughters we begin to whine and say we should not be fighting. We give up. Korea is the 1st war that the U.S. has not won. All other wars before this we had won. We had walked far away from God and no longer do we trust or depend on Him. In our arrogance we say look at what we have done. Not look at what God has done. And because of this we were beaten to a standstill in Korea. It was not a victory it was a defeat. Then in our arrogance we stepped into Vietnam with all the right intentions. But forgot a very important element God. We left Him behind. It was during the 1960s that were so busy kicking God out of our schools, public buildings and so forth. We were afraid that learning about God and His love for us may hurt a developing mind. It was during this time the liberals were busy taking God out of everything. Even the church got involved. Pastors began to preach about events that were happing and not about God and His word. And we lost Vietnam.

Good men and women lost their lives because people back in America forgot to pray. They forgot to serve God, they forgot to worship God. They served and worshipped many other gods. Instead of hearing the watchman’s call we have only increased the wickedness of society. Today you rape and murder someone and only they only get 7years while someone could steal a loaf of bread and it be his third crime and spend the rest of his life in prison. Our justice system no longer makes sense.

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Colin Bain

commented on Oct 29, 2007

Small historical fact. Korea was not the first war it has not won. In 1812 America was defeated by Canada. In addition in the World wars America was on the winning side, true, but they were not in either from the beginning. In terms of sacrifice of people, Russia "won" WW2, losing the most --25 million souls. In my opinion, neither of these wars was either won or lost, they were fought. Everybody lost. You never know who is listening to you when we preach.

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