Summary: As Saul was surprized by God’s selection of him as king, we too may be surprized by the opportunitites God brings our way as we use the situations He puts us in.

“I being in the way, the LORD led me”

From Genesis 24:27


His name means “asked for”

Was the “tall, dark, and handsome” type

Was given a rare opportunity by God

We must continually follow God to find all His gifts.

I Follow When God’s “Not Looking” (9:1-3a)

A. Busy with life’s business (1)

B. Enjoying life’s privileges (2-3a)

II Follow By Doing What We’re Supposed to Do (9:3b-4)

A. Just complying, as God expects (3b-4a)

[As an adult with an older son-1 Sam. 13:1-3]

B. Trying harder than most to obey a dad’s wishes (4b)

III Follow Opportunities (9:5-10)

A. Uses common sense and concern for dad (5)

B. Seeks help from the best place (6)

C. Plans to show appreciation for help (7-10)

IV Follow Listening for God’s Voice (9:11-27)

A. God often leads as we’re busy with life (11-18)

B. God solves more than one issue at a time (19-27)

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