3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To fully consecrate one's selve to God is not an easy matter. We struggle with our double-mindedness because the selfesh/sinful nature causes us to be double-minded. It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that a believer can come to surrender fully


Scriptures: Romans 12:1-2, 1 Peter 2:16

I. The Meaning of Consecration to God

A. Dictionary definition of consecration

1. To make or declare sacred, dedicated to the service of a deity

2. To devote or dedicate to some cause or purpose

Example: Athletes to a sport, a student to getting a degree, a business person to having success in his business.

B. Scriptural meaning

1. A full or complete surrender or dedication to love and serve God

2. Turning from all else, to give oneself exclusively and wholeheartedly to God

Example: When I decided that I wanted Sue to become my wife I had to make two decisions

1) That I wanted Sue to be my wife and I would love her with all my heart

2) That I had to turn from any affection for any others

Application: As believers in Christ, we must come to a decision to pursue loving and serving God with all our hearts and to stop datingor loving the things of this world.

II. Our Struggle with Full Consecration

A. Our problem with double-mindedness

1. To either love and serve self or to love and serve Christ

2. To either pursue what pleases the flesh or to pursue what pleases Christ

Illustration: The tug-of-war between the flesh and the spirit

B. Our problem with doubt and lack of trust in God

1. If we are not convinced that God is capable of caring for us, we will be reluctant to yield to Him.

Illustration: When I was in the hospital last November and December I had numerous nurses draw blood from me. Most of them were pretty good at it but there was one nurse who had difficultly finding a vein.

2. If we are not convinced about God’s love for us, we will not trust him.

III. The Holy Spirit Creates the Desire for Consecration

A. Consecration is never forced on us

1. God wants it to be our choice

2. God will not violate our will

B. The Holy Spirit helps us to develop a distaste for sin

1. The Holy Spirit gives us godly sorrow which should lead us to repentance

2. The Spirit opens our eyes to see the destructiveness of sin

3. The Holy Spirit gives us a sense of how our sin grieves God

C. The Holy Spirit helps us develop our love for God

1. We come to know and love God

2. We grow in our faith and trust in God

3. We come to the place where we want to surrender to God in our love for Him

Example of the bond servants

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