Summary: (PowerPoint Slides freely available by emailing We have been at war but not in a war. Understanding the critical fight we are engaged in, and the stakes we are fighting for.

Spiritual Warfare - Part 3

12 Keys to Growing in Spiritual Authority (A)

Eph. 6:12

You and I are engaged in a multidimensional war that is being intensely, intentionally, intelligently and incessantly waged all around us in the invisible realm. I say multidimensional because it is being fought on more than one dimension at the same time.

It is fought in the social dimension between the believer and the world: John 15:18-27

It is fought in the personal dimension between the believer and the flesh: Galatians 5:16-26

It is fought in the spiritual dimension between believers and evil spiritual powers: Ephesians 6:10-27

We must recognize that all of life’s issues, whether physical, spiritual, emotional mental, financial or relational, are simply outward manifestations of this spiritual battle. And if we fail to engage the issues of life at the spiritual warfare level, the outcome can be no other than defeat. If we are not careful, we will unnecessarily surrender ourselves to become prisoners of war in a war that we have already won.

You see my friend, every problem in life is an opportunity to engage in spiritual warfare and embrace spiritual victory. There is not a single battle in which God’s plan includes your defeat. May I say that again - there is not a single battle in which God’s plan includes your defeat. When you or I experience defeat, we have, each and every time, gone for some plan other than the one God has for us.

Listen carefully if you would - next week I am going to be dealing with one of the most vociferous and yet concealed arenas where that warfare is not only been most intensely fought, but where the Church is picking up some of its heaviest casualties and defeats. The cost financially and personally in this arena is horrendous. Ministers are falling by the thousands every single day. Families are being ripped apart by the thousands every single day. Churches are being destroyed, ministries are collapsing and lives and being wrecked on the subtle but devastating altars of pornography. The demon of lust has gripped the hearts of men and women across America in unprecedented numbers. Because of the way Satan is plundering the Church I want to talk plainly and I want to talk straight. If you are worried about your children, please send them to Sunday School next week. I want to position us as a church in a place that will give our men, our women and our children the best fighting chance in this arena. You mean men in the church are looking at pornography? Yes - last week 53% of men in the churches of America looked at pornography. You mean this is a problem for woman? Yes - 28% of all visitors to pornography sites are women with 13% of all women admitting that they access pornography from their work computers. And children? Yes, the average age of first exposure to pornography in America is 11 years old. It is time we spoke openly and honestly.

Then I want to give a special invitation to all men. Not this Monday but next Monday morning, Monday the 6th or August, the Monday after the sermon dealing with pornography, the Men’s Discipleship ministry is going to focus on winning the war with lust and pornography. We have some tools and some other practical things available for you to help with this problem. Now ladies’ listen up - that Monday evening we are going to have a special Ladies Meeting at our house - this is just for the ladies - and we will talk a little about the internet struggle for ladies - but I also want to focus on how you can help position your husband for effective victory in this area. That’s next Sunday morning, Monday morning and Monday night. If you have any questions please speak with me after the meeting or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Last week, we saw profoundly that the primary issue at the heart of spiritual warfare is our authority in Christ. I cannot recommend strongly enough that if you were not here last week or did not get it, that you order that CD after this meeting. I believe it will change the way you do warfare from here out.

Well this morning I want to start a message entitled 12 Keys to Growing in Your Authority. If the heart of the issue is authority, and I believe it is, then one of the most fundamental studies we can apply ourselves to is understanding what that authority is, how to use it and how to grow in it. Now I am going to spread this message over two weeks - this morning and then the Sunday morning two weeks from now.

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