Summary: This is the fill in the blank for the Bible study of Peter from 12 Ordinary Men. See also notes from the Bible Study found in the series of sermons here.

Note: This is a study from the book 12 Ordinary Men by John McArthur an excellent book. This is the fill in the blank outline from Adult Bible Fellowships of First Baptist Church Orion. This is not original but worth posting for study.

Twelve Ordinary Men: Peter

And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed

for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.” - Luke 22:31-32

I. Peter’s place among the Twelve: he was the _________ of the _________.

a. The three groups seem to be listed in descending order based on their __________ with Christ.

b. The men in group one had known him the ___________.

c. Peter, at the top of all four lists, was the ___________ and overall ____________ of the Twelve.

Matthew 10:2-4 Mark 3:16-19 Luke 6:14-16 Acts 1:13

Peter Peter Peter Peter

Andrew James Andrew James

James John James John

John Andrew John Andrew

Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip

Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartholomew Thomas

Thomas Matthew Matthew Bartholomew

Matthew Thomas Thomas Matthew

James (son of Alphaeus) James (son of Alphaeus) James (son of Alphaeus) James (son of Alphaeus)

Lebbaeus (surn. Thaddeus) Thaddeus Simon Simon

Simeon (the Zealot) Simeon (the Zealot) Judas (son of James, aka. Labaeus or Thaddeus) Judas (son of James)

Judas Isacariot Judas Isacariot Judas Isacariot

II. Peter’s name turns out to be quite significant.

a. His birth name, _________, was a very common name, kind of like Joe. His surname was Bar-Jonah,

literally, “______ of ________.” So his father had a common name, too. To give you a J.M.D.E. for his

birth name, it would be something like, Joe Schmo.

b. Jesus gave him a ______________ (John 1:42). This didn’t replace his other name (as was the case

with ___________) but was used sometimes instead of and sometimes _______________ his birth name.

John 1:42 “Now when Jesus looked at him, He said, ‘You are Simon the son of Jonah. You shall be called Cephas’ (which translated, A Stone).”

c. It appears that Jesus was very _______________ with his use of Peter’s names. By nature, Simon

was brash and undependable. His nickname, “the Rock” was a constant reminder of how he ought to

act. It is interesting to note how the gospel writer’s use “Simon” to refer either to his _________ life or to

his _________ nature. – see John 21:15-17).

III. Peter had the three things in his life that made him a true leader: the raw ____________, the right life _____________, the right _____________ qualities.

IV. The Raw Material

a. He was _____________. Knowledge is ___________. Whoever has the information has the lead. If you

want to find a leader, look for someone who is asking the right _____________ and genuinely looking for

____________. In the Gospel accounts, Peter asks more questions than all the other apostles combined.

b. He showed ______________. A true leader must be the kind of person who makes things __________.

Peter was usually the first one to __________ Jesus’ questions. – see Matthew 16:13.

c. He demonstrated ________________. A true leader goes through life with a cloud of dust around him.

Peter was the only sinful man to ever ________ on ___________. Matthew 16:13-19

V. The Right Life Experiences

a. He learned that crushing __________ and deep ___________ often follows closely on the heels of our

greatest ___________. Compare Matthew 16:16 with 16:23.

b. He learned that he was ___________ and could not trust his own resolve.

VI. The Right Character Qualities

a. The first character quality Peter learned from Jesus was _____________. Leaders must be examples

of submission themselves, if they would teach other people to submit. Compare Mat 17:24 with I Pt 2:13.

b. Another important character quality that Jesus modeled for Peter was __________. John 13:1.

c. He had to learn _____________. (self-control, discipline, moderation, and reserve)

d. He had to learn _______________.

e. He learned ___________.

f. Finally he had to learn _________________. He denied his Lord when challenged by a _______________. But

after Pentecost, we see a different Peter. (Acts 4:19, 20)

Overall Peter was _________________.

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