Summary: Just as Saul was called out of fear to take his place of leadership, so we too are being called by God to awake from slumber and take our place in these days crying out for leadership.


Saul’s personality was energized when the Spirit of God gripped him. He changed from the cowardly king hiding in the baggage (10:20-22) to a bold man of action (11:5-7).

Just as he awoke and took his place, we too must awake to God’s hand on our lives. These difficult days in our nation will show whether we are ready to wake up and take action or keep on sleeping.

We must awake to righteousness.

I Awake to Passionate Living

A. The Spirit’s control drives us to passionate living (10:21-22; 11:1-6a)

-A Spirit-controlled person is a passionate person

-Passion transforms us from worrier to warrior

B. Driven to action by the needs of the day (11:1-4, 6b)

-They needed to save their countrymen

-They needed to do more than talk or others would find their lives scarred forever

II Awake to Decisive Living

A. Understand our need to personally act (11:5-6)

B. Able to make a quick solution (11:6-7)

-Not just get or stay angry

-Let others know how important action was

-Make a difficult choice with lasting impact

III Awake to Unity

A. Realize God is active and watching (11:7b)

-The "fear of the Lord" drives us to act for His best for us

-God’s influence fell on the group after its leader stirred to action

B. “Come out” as one to action (11:7b)

-There was no time for a meeting

-There was no need for discussion; the choice was made

IV Awake to Commitment

A. Commitment to action (11:11)

-They had a battle plan

-They put their life and death plan into action with determination

B. Commitment to peace (11:12-13)

-They knew who their enemies were

-They knew when to stop

-They had strength to forgive and move on

C. Commitment to God (11:14-15)

-To His plans for us today

-To thanks and praise

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