Summary: FAITH is a powerful thing, in fact it is one of the most powerful things on Earth, because without it, we could not have Christ. Today I want to focus on three instances of Radical FAITH. To me Radical FAITH is faith that compels one to do things you never imagined you could or would do.

14 Feet of Faith


Scriptures: Mark 2:1-5; Mark 5:25-43; Mark 5:(21)39-43

Faith is a powerful thing, in fact it is one of the most powerful things on Earth, because without it, we could not have Christ. Today, I want to focus on three different instances of Faith, radical Faith that is!!To me, Radical Faith is faith that compels you to do things that you cannot imagine you would ever do.

1. Paralytic Man: COURAGE of FAITH

2. Woman with the Issue of Blood: HOPE of FAITH

3. Jarius’s Daughter: LIFE of FAITH

1. The Paralytic: COURAGE OF FAITH v. 1-5This man truly had FRIENDS, like no other, let us look at the ingenuity of these men, as well as the courage it took, to tear the roof off another man’s house, not thinking about the repercussions and consequences. Think of this, many of us have been paralyzed by one thing or another in our lives, be it guilt, fear, hopelessness, loneliness, or plain sin!! Desperate situations require desperate measures and means. When GOD is in the building, something happens! They needed an audience with the KING, and the court was full to capacity, and they needed a different way of gaining access. JESUS, when he saw this man, HE not only healed him, but JESUS looked beyond his faults and saw his need.

2. Woman with the Issue: Hope of FAITH v. 25-34 This woman was so blank and unknown, that she is only characterized by her condition and no name. Her condition caused her to be labeled as an outcast, as she dealt with it for 12 long years. She had no doubt run out of money from going to doctor to doctor, and magician to magician or whoever seeking release from her condition Her resources had ultimately ran out, and she was heading with hope to source. Her condition must have worsened, because she pressed on with HOPE and determination through the crowd that was following JESUS. You see JESUS had just got off the ship of the stormy sea, and released a man that was possessed, he had just made pigs fly, signifying the first case of swine flu, and had received word of Jarius’ daughter and was on HIS way to see about the little girl. This woman fought through the crowd and TOUCHED THE HEM OF JESUS’ GARMENT. The disciples were puzzled when JESUS asked who touched ME? Being in a crowd, he was bound to be touched, but JESUS knew, for the virtue had gone out of HIM. He looked upon the woman and said daughter thy FAITH has made thee whole. The woman was faced with a cure, immediately the bleeding stopped;(5:29) A concern JESUS turning around asking who had touched HIM; (5:30-32) A confession she acknowledged that she touched HIM;(5:33) and a commendation JESUS assures her that her FAITH brought about her healing. (5:34) Her encounter with JESUS was happenstance, but also lifechanging, the impossible cure had met the POSSIBLE JESUS! Now that is 12 feet of FAITH so far, but we going to ease on down to our last point and last two feet of FAITH to make the 14.

3. Jarius’ Daughter Life of FAITH v 35-43 This is our third and final point in this sermon, Jairus was a ruler in the synagogue ruler, that had come to JESUS upon HIS getting of the raging sea, saying that his daughter was sick. (v22) By the time that JESUS was heading in the direction of Jarius’ house, a messenger came and said that his daughter was dead, do not trouble the Master any further. JESUS hears these words, and told Jarius to not be afraid, and only BELIEVE, you see, it takes FAITH to believe. When JESUS arrived at the house, there was doom and gloom, and much sadness, you see when you are going through rough times and tough times, you just can not have any and everybody around you, because of the negativity and unfamiliar spirits hanging over you. Everybody does not believe what you believe, therefore you must close some people out at times, in order to get a breakthrough. People at the house mocked JESUS when he stated that the girl was asleep (v 5:39). Some people are so critical, that they will be planning your funeral, while JESUS is planning your Resurrection. I noticed a bit of significance in this last point, a name was given, not to give them fame, but to show the recipients of GOD’s GLORY. JESUS cleared the room, except for Peter, James and John and the parents, and took the girl by the hand and said “Talitha cumi”, which means Damsel arise, and straightway she arose and walked. 14 Feet of FAITH, yes that is right, 14 feet were key to this sermon, maybe you want to add to these feet of FAITH today:

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