Summary: In the ninth chapter of Revelations John decribes an event using the specific hour, day, month, and year. This is amazing considering in heaven there is no measurement of time.

An Appointed Time

Revelations 9:13-21

See: Rev. 9:13-21

In heaven everything is seen from the perspective of eternity. But to put things in perspective for us the reader we see the measurement of time.

Mention: Rev. 8:1 for about the space of half an hour

Also: Rev. 11:2-3 forty-two months and a thousand two hundred and threescore days

Rev. 9:15 An hour, a day, a month and a year tells us that God has an appointed time for this particular event.

1. The Army

Mention: Vs.14 The loosing of the four angels which were bound in the great river Euphrates

See: Genesis 2:14 the river Euphrates mentioned around the Garden of Eden.

• The four angels loosed are demonic angels (They were bound)

• What does this army represent?

a. They are also demonic forces

See: Vs.17-19

b. They are the Chinese Army from the east

See: Rev. 16:12 The kings of the east

Mention: Daniel 11:44 speaks of this aggression coming from the east

“Two hundred, thousand, thousand” 200 million

In 1965 China reportedly said their army size was over 200 million

Point: My speculation is that it is probably a demonic force because the reference in Rev. 16 is directly referring to the battle of Armageddon which does not take place until the end of the great tribulation.

Whether this army is evil spirits or literally from China we do not know for sure, but one thing is clear.

See: Vs.15 They will kill 1/3 part of men

2. The Killed

Mention: Rev. 6:8 we are told a fourth part human population will be killed

Another third means half of the earth population will be killed after this invasion.

This is an amazing passage as you put things in perspective because before men was torment for five months but could not die and bow we see death again.

3. The Un-Repented

See: Vs.20-21 Those that were not killed by plagues yet repented not

What sins are they guilty of here?

a. Idolatry

See: Psalms 115:4-7

b. Murders (This is commandment #6 Thou shall not kill)

c. Sorceries (pharmekia or pharmaceutical) mind altering drugs. This is interesting since recent studies show that prescription drugs are misused heavily today illegally.

d. Fornication

This covers every sexual sin

See: Col. 3:5 sexual sins is idolatry

e. Thefts

Point: Each of these is the primary sins of our society today and in the great tribulation this will be worldwide.

Mention: Luke 13:3, 5 Except ye repent ye shall likewise perish

Doctor Luke records the words of Paul in Acts 20:21 “repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ”

This is the ingredients to the salvation of a soul. Have you confessed with a willing heart to turn from your sins and put your faith and trust in the finish work of Calvary’s cross in which Jesus died for the sins of the world?

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