Summary: The prayer meeting was intense, the knock on the door was clear, but the suggestion was: ARE YOU CRAZY. We have problems, THEN GOD COMES AND HELPS!

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#1 THEN GOD! The answer is knocking at the door!

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

This is a two part lesson. I did this part in two parts.



Luke 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.


A. We have a precious little family and this week they received notice their precious son leaves the end of this month for some extra training and then he will be going to Iraq for 15 months. This Momma is broken.

My heart is broken and then I ponder --- what will be?

B. We have a 95 year old Mom that has a 68 year old daughter that is bedfast.

I often visit with them, and watch this 95 year old Mother tenderly care for her daughter.

Wednesday I received an emergency call someone had robbed the two ladies of over $1,000.00.

The man acted like he was with the government and was going to help them with their gas and electric bill. Before he left the home he had robbed them.

They draw so little, how could he be that cruel?

I ponder --- What will happen in this little home?

C. We have a family that has taken in three small children that were being abused by their mother. It appears the Mother took a belt buckle to the

oldest girls face. I hold the children and ponder, what does the future hold for these two girls and a boy?

D. Recently we had a 39 year old nurse, she was working the third shift and going to school during the day. The lady was returning from work to her three little kids. 14 months ago the Mom had been in a car wreck and the 9 year old daughter was ejected out of the car and killed.

This 39 year old Mom had a car wreck, crossed the interstate and was hit by an 18 wheeler. She died instantly.

That night the three kids were at church, 8, 5, 8 months old, they will notremember their Mother. I held the kids near my heart and ponder what will be?

E. Two weeks ago I was called by a young girl I knew 15 years ago.

Her Mother has locked herself in her apartment and refuses to go anywhere. The Mother does not have electricity and sets in the dark.

The daughter said, Please, Preacher can’t you do something? The Mom’s 23 year old son had overdosed on drugs and died. He has been dead a year. This Mom can not accept the death. The Mom said, I knew he was abusing drugs and did nothing?

At the funeral they found out the boy’s girlfriend was expecting a baby.

5 months after his death, the girlfriend had a baby boy. The baby’s Mom is on drugs, and my friend can’t do anything for her young grandson.

I ponder God what will happen to this little family?

F. I received a call this morning, a teenage girl has been acting differently lately. The Mother has been concerned. Late last night the Mom found out

her beautiful teenage daughter has been taking pills she has gotten from her "friends" at school?

Momma wants to know, Preacher can you do something?

G. As I was typing the second paragraph my wife called to tell me a sweet young couple’s baby died. The baby was about 11 months old?

I knew the Dad when he was in high school.

I ponder: How can I touch them for the cross?

H. Two months ago, a young girl we watched grow up came to church after several years absence.

She cried all through the service. At altar time, she cried like a baby, but she did not come to pray.

After the service she spoke privately with me.

She said, Preacher, you spoke of a person that knew what to do, and they knew what was right, but they desired to do things their own way?

She cried and said, I AM THAT PERSON!

I understand she has left her husband, taken the two small sons and has a boyfriend.

She decided to make the choice and pay the consequences?

I ponder the heartaches down the road.

I. One of my best workers at church has been in the hospital 29 days. He spent several days on the breathing machine, and has several times almost drown in his own fluids. He is so faithful to help me do God’s work?

His wife asked me: Preacher ---Is he going to die?

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