Summary: This is from a series of sermons entitled "Tube Theology" I examined theological undertones in popular TV shows. The survivor shows are full of theological teaching.

This sermon is from a series on Tube Theology.

I have researched sermoncentral as well as other sources. I use an expanded outline in preaching though it is not exactly a manuscript. I also use a sermon outline for the congregation to fill in.


Jay Robison LUKE 14:12-14

How many of you have ever seen one of these? show TV

Do you have one of these?

Do you think TV effects our world?

Since watch more TV than sermons Watch TV theologically

Church has love\hate relationship w\TV bad morals. What do the shows say about God, sin world?

Especially if you watching w\kids talk of good\bad in show

With that in mind want to step outside the box a bit

Next 4 wks look at Tube theology, what do 4 popular shows teach about God? Is it accurate? How can we speak to world? I get to be a couch potato and sermon work at same time.

Next week Fear Factor, then CSI investigates our faith

The Simpsons, & this week type of shows 1st in 2000 CBS

came out with a show, contestants on Borneo to win $$

For a few weeks contestants vote each other off

So began Survivor\Reality show genre. As TV usually does when have good concept Go overboard, over 50 such shows

Most recognizable words on TV “Your Fired” Apprentice

Makeover shows Big Fat Obnoxious boss, Amazing Race

Websites, too much time

Think draw in drama of human relationships. Regular watchers have contestants they like and dislike

What happens in long run goals and rewards


One of the questions I have had about life and you have too. Does it really matter what I do? Can I make a difference? Does anyone really care about how I live my life?

Bible says very clearly what we do with life does matter We are created perfect by God but with a free will. God will not force us to be good or do right

Bible says appointed to person once to die then judgment. Matters what we do our lives will be judged

Not just voted off an island, but away from God

Your actions and decisions in life matter to God to illustrate Jesus tells a story about A DINNER PARTY

Common for people to have parties in all human history

And while at party Jesus talks about being humble

Says really what we should do with our party (lesson for life) Invitees include POOR CRIPPLED LAME BLIND VS 13. They were social outcasts No contribution in their society, victims of prejudice last people to invite to dinner, useless

Question about life; Is it really winner takes all?

In reality shows, part of story is deception alliances

Those who trick others, treachery dark side

Should we do good to others who cannot or will not help us? Who has not played up to people of power to advance? You know him he is connected, she has money knows people Jesus’ message is don’t only do that but lift up those who others neglect & discard. Go after the hurting, the misfits Look for social outcasts, TBC church like that, keep it up It matters people have said it’s striking to be here Different all kinds of people Those are the people who return No telling what those who never come back say. Makes a difference what kind of church are who we invite

Bible give us direction of what does God want us to do?

God says do this and I’ll reward it


Mt 6:6 and Hebrews 11:6 pray in secret God reward openly BE A GOOD EMPLOYEE Mt 24:45-47 & Eph 6:8

Do our work as unto the Lord


If we lose our life in service to God gain real life


We are blessed when others hurt us for being Christian


God says as give you will receive up to 100Xs what give

Studying God’s word will bless us, witnessing blesses us

Why does God bother with this? What we do with life matters! And evil one will tempt us not to serve, give, work, pray Who would you most likely exclude from dinner party? Invite them! With no strings attached Jesus does not say send $$ but sit at table with them

2. You will be REWARDED

Jesus always pays a dividend on investment in K of God

Some uncomfortable with this idea, I’ve not preached on it Say I’m in heaven what more should I want?

I am not going to do good for reward, need to be humble

Yes, but God chooses to reward out of God’s generous nature This is a display of God’s amazing grace

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