Summary: This is from a series Being the Church God Wants us to Be from the first few chapters of Acts. to Live our faith outside these walls, we must Respect the Message, Expect Opposition, And Accept Power from God. Includes outline which may be inserted into yo

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September 5, 2004 Jay Robison ACTS 4:1-11

Which is more important; what we say we believe

Or what we show we believe by our actions?

Of course it is what we show we believe by actions

Many people say a lot but if do not show it no good

How do you act in your workplace?

What kind of a person are you outside these walls?

What kind of a boss are you? What employee are you?

I’ve come to share with that God wants to use you

That should give you reason to be optimistic

Today can do much more for God outside these walls than in

If no live it people no see it

Can believe all we have is superstition

Or a form of control, or a game we play

Talking about being church God wants us to be

From Acts, 1st we are out to change the world

Last week, we depend on each other

Today living faith outside these walls

Story in Acts 4 tells us truths to remember in living faith


Respect= value revere, think a lot of defer to follow

Question; do we really believe gospel makes all difference

See bible says all of us will be judged on day

Not by constitution, or bank account, or given IQ test but in final analysis question is what done w\Jesus

That is why it is so urgent that we carry good news

While Peter & John were speaking to the people Vs 1 NRSV

These men appeared to be captured by a call

Their lives were oriented toward serving Jesus

James wanted be most famous maker\seller of cheese in world Began w\little buggy pulled by pony Paddy. Make cheese then he & Paddy would ride down streets of Chi selling months passed, James in despair cause not making any $$$ in spite of long hrs & hard work. 1 day pulled Paddy to a stop & began to talk to him. Something’s wrong afraid we have things turned around & our priorities are not where they ought to be.

Maybe we ought to serve God & place him first in our lives." boy drove home promised for rest of life 1st serve God

Years later James, SS Superintendent North Shore Baptist Ch "I would rather be a layman in North Shore Bapt than to head greatest Corp in America. 1st job serving Jesus. So, when you take a bite of Philadelphia Cream cheese, sip a cup of Maxwell House, mix a quart of Kool-Aid, slice DiGiorno Pizza cook Mac\Cheese spread Grey Poupon stir a bowl of Cream of Wheat, slurp down Jell-O, or eat cream out of middle of an Oreo or serve Stove Top, Remember boy pony named Paddy, and the promise little James L. Kraft made to serve God and work as He directed.

Peter and John had depth of commitment

Living out their faith, respected the message

Trying to share it, were not trained pastors

But God uses ordinary people who are persistent

Calvin Coolege Nothing in world can take place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing more common than unsuccessful men w\great talent Genius will not; unrewarded genius almost a proverb Education will not; world full of educated derelicts. Persistence, & determination alone are omnipotent.

Do we believe message have to share really makes difference?

The belief that death had ultimate power

was exposed as an illusion

The resurrection made death merely a comma in eternal life And put an exclamation point on every day living

The apostles believed the message,

CS Lewis said Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.

Don’t understand, we live in pluralistic society

What difference can gospel make to people never heard?

Who live far differently than we do, asked self these

An anthropologist studying a primitive tribe in South America which had been won to Christ by a missionary years earlier. After living among tribe several weeks, anthropologist met w\tribe’s leader. “You have a wonderful culture, but it is a shame missionary infected your tribe w\his religion.” The chief replied, “See that rock? That’s where we would break the skulls of our enemies. See that tree? That’s where we’d sacrifice them to our God. If we had not learned Christ was our Lord, you would be our dinner tonight.”

If you offend be sure it’s your POSITION


Our message is offensive, but we should not be

Bible says all have sinned I am comfortable thinking you have sinned

I know you, but to admit that I am wrong, I have sinned is a different story

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