Summary: There is a distinct difference between the way God loves and the way we love, His love is unconditional and full of grace and forgiveness.

We have over the last 5-6 weeks tried to illustrate what love is, and our need to display it through our daily living

I have attempted to challenge us to love as God has prescribed

Created to love.

What love does.

Loves evidence.

What love looks like.

I believe sincerely that we choose whether or not we love

Many times we don’t love because we are selfish and at other times we don’t love because we don’t appropriate the love of God

The reason we don’t appropriate the love of God may be because we have selective amnesia

What I mean by that is that we forget or choose not to remember how God loves us

Forgetting is a dangerous thing

I. How the people responded to sin

1. Railing Accusations

This is one of the tragedies of Christian living

2. Demanded a Response

a. Judgment

One writer says that while the woman was definitely guilty, so were they.

He says that while she was guilty of physical adultery, they were guilty of spiritual adultery

To demand justice is to invite justice

***Do you remember the man who refused to forgive, he got what he gave

b. Punishment

II. How Jesus responds to sin

No condemnation

Thy sins be forgiven

The word grace comes to mind

He extends grace to her which is a result of His divine love

How the sinner responds to Jesus

The school of thought is that this woman was a prostitute and she may have been the woman with the alabaster box

Whether this true or not we can look at the behavior of this woman to see how we should respond to the love of God

She responds with devotion

She responds with sacrifice

She responds with service

She responds with love

Here is the question that we need to ask. When we stand before the sacred judge, if He asks did you love them as I loved you, what will your answer be?

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