Summary: One of the inevitable consequences of a determined resolved to cling to Christ Jesus Only is this constant barrage of interruptions, roadblocks and periods which have been inserted by the hands of human or demonic editors. They keep inserting interruption

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One of the inevitable consequences of a determined resolved to cling to Christ Jesus Only is this constant barrage of interruptions, roadblocks and periods which have been inserted by the hands of human or demonic editors. Some person or power has determined that the script, as written by God, is flawed, and so, they have taken it upon themselves to revise, update or edit the predetermined course of human events. They keep inserting interruptions, roadblocks and even periods that indicate its the end of the story, the sentence is complete, the chapter is finished.

But genuine and authentic faith in Christ Jesus will not rerouted, blocked or edited from its rendezvous with the Author and Finisher of its Faith. Faith ultimately will get in the face of Jesus, fall down at His feet, worship Him and present its request.

In our Target Text, commencing at Verses 21-24, we find the firmness of faith being challenged by the temporary Road Block of a Curious Crowd - Explore.

Then in verses 25-34, the Resolve of Faith is challenged by the Anxiety of Interruptions.

Now in our Text, we find Exclusive Faith being challenged to back-off and back-down by the Period of Finality. For those who try to edit the unalterable script of God, tell faith in verse 35, “Your daughter is dead (Period, Its all over, there’s nothing no one can do, so) Why are you still bothering the Master? (Let it alone, there’s nothing He can do, let Him alone!).”

I contend that on a regular and consistent basis the Huggers of Hope and Followers of Faith have to deal with this Period of Finality. Someone or something is always writing periods at certain intervals or critical junctures in our lives. They tell us that its too late, it’s all over; the person, purpose, plan or passion is dead; therefore, give it up, let it alone, walk away from it, stop bothering other people with It! And faith probably would give up if it were not for the words of the ever-present Jesus, who in the face of periods, keeps writing Commas. Says Jesus: “Be not afraid, only believe.”

And perhaps I might be addressing someone here, who in the past, has heeded the advise of the editors and has allowed a period to be written when the sentence is till incomplete, because God has not finished His statement!

Perhaps you have allowed the words of editors and the circumstances of the moment to close a chapter on an unsettled hope, dream, plan, person, deliverance or healing, even the raising of a promise from the dead. For oft-times, we allow the Fear of Finality to Foreclose on the Miracles and Blessings of God.

That’s why its always advisable and necessary to get a Second Opinion on everything that comes from the mouth of men. No man, woman or child; no human institution, organization, business or government has the last word or final say-so on anything that pertains to the life and welfare of God’s Elect. In those situations, I would strongly advise you to go to God and get a Second Opinion. I am not suggesting that God is to be consulted after the fact, for we are to acknowledge Him in all things and to seek first His kingdom and righteousness; but in those instances when people offer their opinions and judgments as the final and governing authority, you must go to the Lord and get a Second Opinion! And in so doing, you are allowing God to edit out the periods of people and to keep His Divine Commas intact.

Too often we have allowed the Fear of Finality to Foreclose on our Seeking a Word from the Lord. Someone has written a period and told us our disease or sickness is terminal, and so we have given up to death. Someone has told us that we weren’t qualified for a certain job, loan or promotion, so we settled for the death of a dream. Someone wrote a period on a relationship that went sour, and so you walked away but you are still looking back. Someone told you that the godly life was not within your reach, so you have settled for the mediocre and mundane. We have all allowed human editors to write periods at certain junctures of our lives when God has written commas! Someone has suggested that its not over until the fat lady sings. Well, its not over until God Says So!

And so, I thought it would be helpful if we would look at this passage with a view toward Contrasting the Different Perspectives of The Bearers of Bad News and the Carrier of Good News. For our Text seems to suggests that the Bearers of Bad News Always COME, but The Carrier of Good News COMMANDS.

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John Meissner

commented on Mar 23, 2015

Pastor Norris, my compliments on this message. I have not heard explained with the use of the word "editor" and I found it to be a very unique, and powerful way of expounding on this passage of scripture.

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