Summary: 3rd and final in a series on God’s Judgment of nations who walk away from Him.

Will God Judge America Part III

Ezekiel 16-17

In Chapter 16 we see God using the images of a young baby growing into a mature young women. God is reminding Jerusalem that He had raised her from a lowly state to great glory as His bride. God has done the same thing to the United States. He has raised it from the lowly station of a colony to great glory as one of the most powerful nations in the world. As a nation we are to serve Him. At one time God was very close to the United States. Every thing we did we did it with God’s involvement. We became a client nation where we worked to spread God’s word. But just as Jerusalem did so has the United States done, we have walked away form our first love. God no longer holds the place of honor in our nation. We are to concerned with being politically correct. We don’t want to seem to radical in holding to the belief that the Bible is just as relevant today as it was back then. That it is God’s thoughts, His mind so to speak. We have betrayed our Lord our God by prostituting ourselves by seeking alliances with pagan nations such as the Islamic world and atheistic governments. We have become more concerned with what they think about us than what God thinks about us. As individuals we are more concerned with what everyone thinks about us than about what God thinks about us. Or government even strives to become like them in our culture, language, law and religious beliefs. We are pushing God further and further aside trying to create a false peace.

Oil is the driving force in the world’s economy today and it is found mostly in the Arab world. Islam is the religion of the Arab world and it is a religion that worships Satan. He is their Allah. Allah is in no form or fashion the same as my God. The Allah of the Koran is hateful and spiteful. He does not love His followers. Where God is love, mercy, and grace He loves each and every one of us. In fact He loved us so much that He sent His only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins. Allah did nothing for His people. My Jesus assures me of my salvation Allah can not assure His followers. And lastly we know it is a false religion because Mohmmad claimed to be a prophet of God. He claimed to the last that none will come after Him. He said Jesus was a great prophet but not the Son of God. Already Islam is standing over an abyss with nothing to support it because we know from God’s word that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. There is no other name under Heaven by which you may be saved. Mohammad added to the word and we know that Jesus said it is finished. The work is complete there is no need for further revelation Jesus accomplished all, fulfilled all. There is nothing left to be done.

No wonder that there is conflict between Christians and the children of Satan. They don’t know they are Satan’s children but that is the truth. We are not doing what we were chosen to do. Verses 8-14 explains that Israel was to be the channel that God would use to communicate His message of salvation to the world. And to do this He gave Israel special privileges and training to do that work. The United States was also given special privileges as a client nation because we also were to spread the Gospel message of salvation. He has blessed us with an abundant food supplies, He has enriched our nation and churches greatly so that we could have the resources to spread the word. But just like Israel these advantages and resources became a great source of pride and vanity. We no longer remember that it is God who made us what we are today. We use our advantages and resources for our selfish pursuits never thinking how foolish and dangerous that is.

We are just like Israel. We have grown to maturity and went off chasing after the world to give ourselves too. God loved Israel and He loves us and we like Israel have turned away from other nations and false Gods. We as a nation is great but we have forgotten the one who has made us great. This is a picture of spiritual adultery. We have turned away from the one who truly loves us to sleep with the world. Why just look at the news. We take pains to remove any symbol of God from our governments, schools, and politics. We and world make fun of any leaders who openly proclaim their devotion and adherence to God and His word. They believe we are archaic for following an archaic religion. Our nation is making Christianity a crime. If you don’t believe just look and see. All over America Christianity is the only religion where laws are specifically passed to reduce its importance and acceptance all over the land even here in the bible belt. Why wouldn’t He judge America? He judged Israel how are we any more special than Israel? We are not. In fact we have become more defiled than Israel.

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