Summary: Tired of the ordinary? Try something extra-ordinary... Make this year a year of Miracles!


Some Christians today are unaware of what God can do through their lives. God does mighty works not through our SKILLS but through our WILLS.

Several simple steps to experience a great miracle:

1. LOOK unto Jesus

* This involves knowing who Jesus is and what He can do

* This involves believing who Jesus is and what He can do.

* Fear causes our eyes not to see what Jesus can do

* Things that give us fear, if overcome, lead us closer to Jesus.

2. LIVE beyond life’s convenience

* The light of God’s power is brighter during dark moments of life.

* Our comforts, sometimes, would deafen our ears from the invitation of Jesus.

* Being well-settled, sometimes, would also restrain us from taking a step of faith. Thus, our comforts and luxuries confine us, highlighting a threat of failure whenever we opt to take uncertain step for God.

3. LEARN from your mistakes

* One of the greatest blunders of Christian walk is to trust in our skills, and not on the power of God (Peter was a sea expert).

* Another great blunder is to defocus our eyes from Jesus and focus our attention on our circumstances (Peter began to notice the waves).

4. LEAN on the everlasting arms.

* Acknowledge that without Jesus we can do nothing (Peter cried out to Jesus, he did not lean on his swimming skills)

* Trust that with Christ who strengthens us, we can do all things (Peter had the experience of walking on the water/waves).

* "It is not by might nor by power but by the Holy Spirit".


Ponder upon this:

* Jesus and Peter both walked on the water, for several minutes, before they got on the boat.

* All the other disciples could have experienced the same thing, had they believed the notion, "If Jesus can do it, I can do it, as long as I am with Him".

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