Summary: Just as David went into a "funk" of depression while he waited for God, we too need to watch out for periods of depression as we wait for God to work in our lives.

What can make us fall into “the pits?”

-Taking the wrong viewpoint

“David said in his heart…”


“I shall now perish…”

-Defeatist thinking

“There is nothing better for me…”

What happened to Israel’s future king?

+He lost his own identity and became displaced

“Make this fellow return” (29:4)

+He lost his satisfaction with life, and became disillusioned

“But what have I done…” (29:8)

+He lost his family, and became depressed

“Were taken captives….they had no more power to weep” (30:4-5)

+He lost respect and became distrusted

“The people spake of stoning him” (30:6)

At this point in life, you either jump off into oblivion,or cry to God for rescue and forgiveness.

David made the right choice next.

“And David was greatly distressed...but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.”

-1 Samuel 30:6

For the first time in about a year and a half, he looked up to God. Reach up, come home to God.

Steps out of Depression

I Admit You’re Depressed and Distant

"David was greatly distressed" (30:6a)

II Give God Control of Your Desires

"David strenghtned himself in the LORD his God" (30:6b)

III Seek Advice from God and His People

"Please bring the ephod to me..." (30:7)

IV Get Up and Take Personal Action

"So David went..." (30:9)

V Get Out and Serve Others with God’s Gifts

"Here is a present for you" (30:26)

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