Summary: Instead of being like King Saul, whose life ended with disappointment, we can be like King David, whose life was characterized by hope, even when death was near.

J Sidlow Baxter’s book, Mark These Men, tells us he thinks a man plays the fool when he:

Neglects his godly friends;

Goes on enterprises for God before God sends him;

Disobeys God;

Tries to cover disobedience with religious sounding excuses;

Allows jealousy or hatred to master him;

Knowingly fights against God;

Turns from God...

Just as King Saul did (1 Samuel 26:21).

He began well, but he died:

With an evil spirit from God

Knowing he was being replaced by God

With many in his family

In a final defeat at the hands of his enemies

King Saul’s death contrasts with Christ’s death for us; Saul’s death was one of resignation and defeat for those who watched, Christ’s death brought life and hope to all who would listen

We must prepare for life by preparing to face death.

Psalm 23: David’s Song of Peace

God Satisfies (1)

He treats us like guests in His home

God Calms (2)

He helps us find life’s oases

God Refreshes (3)

He takes us on “vacation”

God Comforts (4)

He chases evil away and clears our path

God Uplifts (5)

He honors and helps us

God Loves (6)

He chases after us with goodness and mercy

Why all this talk of death?

Our death is an inescapable reality

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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