Summary: A mini-sermon outline for use as a kids talk on aspiring to be a Hero of Faith

Do you have a favourite hero or superhero?

Most kids love superheroes - many adults do too!

In the comics and in the movies,

Superheroes often have special abilities,

they can do things that are impossible for normal

people to do,

some can fly,

some have incredible strength,

some can turn invisible,

others have heat vision or x-ray vision.

They can do some pretty amazing and impossible


I’ve always liked Batman, perhaps because he seems

to be a little more human than some of the other


Sometimes, when we read the Bible, we can read it

like we are reading a comic book.

We read about some of the amazing things that were

done by people in the Bible and assume that perhaps

in some way they were superheroes or superhuman,

we read how they lived their lives,

we read about their passion for God,

and we assume that to live that way is impossible for

real ordinary people like me and you.

We about these amazing people in the Bible - and

the amazing things they experienced and forget they

were just ordinary people like you and me.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand that these

people were real ordinary people,

not super humans, not fictional super heroes -

they were real living people.

They were people who had real struggles and real

problems in their real everyday lives.

They didn’t have superpowers,

they were not superheroes,

they were ordinary people like you and me,

who trusted in an extraordinary God,

they were people who lived by faith everyday.

In themselves, they didn’t have any special powers or

abilities to live their lives or do fantastic things.

It was God that worked miracles around them,

in them and through them.

These people are examples in how we should seek to

live our daily lives.

Seeking God’s purposes, trusting God’s provision,

experiencing God’s power.

Maybe our favourite heroes should not be the fictional

superheroes of comic books and movies -

maybe our heroes should be the ordinary men and

women of the Bible that placed their trust in God.

Maybe our heroes should be the ‘warriors of the faith’

the prayer warriors, the people whose lives were

changed and blessed by trusting God more than

themselves or their own abilities.

Perhaps instead of wishing for Superman’s ability to

fly or Batman’s incredible crime solving abilities or

Spiderman’s dress sense.

Perhaps we should seek after the closeness with God

that so many people in the Bible had.

People like Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Paul and

so many others - they knew what it was to be close to


They did not have special powers they had a special

relationship with the living God,

they had constant communication with Him,

and God accomplished great things through them.

God took weak and imperfect individuals and

did amazing things through them, and lives and

communities were impacted and changed.

These were people who lived by faith.

These were people who lived by prayer.

So many different people, with different personalities,

different circumstances, different situations,

different purposes,

but one thing is true of them all,

they had faith that God could do what they could not

do themselves.

They are people who trusted God even when as

Captain Kirk would say, “the odds were against them

and the situation was grim”.

They prayed and trusted God when stuff didn’t make


They prayed and trusted God when it wasn’t popular.

They prayed and trusted God when things were not

going their way.

They are people that we are still inspired by and

talking about thousands of years later because of the

faith and trust they had in God.


Here’s another question for you:

Do you ever read about someone in the Bible

and think, “That’s the type of person that I want

to be” or “that is the type of faith that I would

like to have.”?

Friends, let me be clear - you can have that type of


Jesus promised that we would be able to have a faith

that could move mountains.

You can have that type of relationship with God.

Maybe, you are at a comfortable place in your walk

with the Lord,

maybe you think you pray enough,

maybe you think you read the Bible enough,

maybe you think you spend enough time doing church

maybe your content with what you have allowed

yourself to become.

None of us should ever be satisfied with mediocrity in

our faith.

We should never be satisfied with casual Christianity.

We should never be satisfied with a lack of

commitment, excitement, or zeal for our Lord.

We should never choose to be lukewarm in our faith.

I am not content where I am in my faith,

I want to pray more,

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