Summary: If we choose to live as if God is not real in our lives, we may commit sins we too will regret for life.


David was a man who loved God, a man after God’s own heart. He sinned, and it was intensified because of who he was and how he mishandled it.

But it was just sin, an act of disobedience he came later to regret with bitter tears. And unless we take heed (1 Corinthians 10:12) to his life story, we too may fall ourselves.

God had said there were three things the king of Israel must not do (Deuteronomy 17:14-17).

1. Multiply horses for self and army

2. Multiply wives for self

3. Multiply gold and silver beyond meeting need


1. These things would turn his heart away from God.

2. These things would make him vulnerable.

Steps to Failure through Forgetfulness

I. Forgetting Our Allegiance to God

A. The fifty-year-old king was indulging himself (11:1ff.), as we do by thanking ourselves for our possessions

B. When he stopped, stared, lusted, sought, lost control and sinned, God seemed unreal to him

II. Avoiding Our Relationship With God

A. It seemed David was "getting away with it" by covering his sin

B. David avoided "coming clean" by acting like nothing had happened

C. David’s heart grew cold

1. Lived about 9 months without dealing with his sin

2.Missed the chance to find conviction in Nathan’s story (12:1ff)

Satan does not usually fill us with hatred of God, only with forgetfulness. These same things happen to us just before we commit sins we think we’re above doing.

Only by remembering God and following all His ways will we avoid sins we’re embarassed to admit.

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