Summary: We are called to do more than to come to church, we are called to be sold out to Jesus and His kingdom!


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• Well, you are back, last week was a difficult message to absorb, I hope last week’s message was enlightening and challenging for each of us. It was for me.

• As we continue with our series, DISCOVERING DISCIPLESHIP, each week will be a challenge for each of us to go deeper down the rabbit hole with Jesus.

• Jesus has this considerable crowd following Him. The religious leaders were jealous of the masses that Jesus was attracting.

• As Jesus looked back at the current crowd that was following Him, He was troubled.

• As we touched on last week, because He has a large following, today we would say what is He concerned about?

• Why wouldn’t He water down the message to keep the crowds large?

• Jesus is troubled. Does Jesus want large crowds following Him? ABSOLUTELY!

• But looking into the crowd, Jesus knew that within that large crowd were people who were not there for reasons other than wanting to be His disciple.

• Some were in that position by choice, others because they did not understand the real cost of discipleship, so Jesus being Jesus, shares what it means to be a disciple.

• In the Luke 14, which are looking at together for this next few weeks, Jesus lays out some stuff that seems impossible for anyone to do.

• One's own, it is impossible to do; however, if we can grasp the first concept we examined last week, loving Jesus so much that our love for others looks like hate, we will be well on our way.

• We also have an ace in the hole, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our life when we are in Christ that will empower us to do what is impossible to do on our own strength.

• Today we are going to continue in our quest to discover discipleship as we examine Luke 14:27 together.

• After what we looked at last week, can it get much more difficult? ?

• Something we need to keep in mind.

• Having the opportunity to go to Heaven when this life is over, having the blessings God has to offer to us in this life, along with the peace and joy a relationship with Jesus can bring, makes the whatever God calls us to do with the effort.

• I know some of you are dealing with some challenging circumstances. Life is not comfortable all the time, and for some, it seems like it is never easy.

• But let me ask those of us who are struggling with life, those of us who are stressed trying to control the difficulties that life has laid before you right now.

• How is being stressed and working out, does it make things better or worse? Jesus has a better way.

• Let’s see what Jesus has in store for us today!

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Luke 14:27 (CSB) Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.

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I. The call to carry your own cross.

• After Jesus shares the easy task of loving Him so much that your love for your family looks like hate in comparison, Jesus moves on to some easy territory now. ?

• Whoever does not bear his own cross!

• What does Jesus mean when He says this?

• How many times have you heard someone use this expression, such and such is my cross to bear?

• If you hear my wife tell you, that’s Jeff, he is my cross to bear.

• When you hear that, I am thinking that would not be said if she thought I was a great husband.

• We see this statement as meaning the cross we bear is something that is unpleasant.

• When the kids were young or teens, did you ever think that they were your cross to bear? ?

• I am sure that is not the context Jesus uses this thought.

• There are a couple of simple words in this part of the verse that are important to grasp.

• First the word BEAR.

• The word means to pick up, to carry, to support. The word carry works well.

• This implies that I HAVE TO CARRY. I cannot get someone else to do the heavy lifting for me.

• In my home, I am called to be the spiritual leader of my home, I cannot pass off the child rearing and the children’s spiritual growth to my wife.

• Someone else cannot do the carrying for me so that my life would appear to be more comfortable.

• This word to BEAR or carry denotes a willingness to carry NO MATTER what the circumstances, no matter what the consequences. I must be willing in the extreme to carry even unto death.

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