Summary: David’s depression distorted his view of life, as it does those who fall into depression today.


1 Samuel 16:1-14

Introduction: David is fleeing from Jerusalem, as Absalom and his army move on the capital city. David and his loyalists flee to preserve the city and the people.

If you’ve ever had a bad day, David’s day is worse. He is facing rebellion by his son, losing his place of leadership, deserting his palace and his people and feeling mighty low ….. I believe we find David in a state of Depression.

As we follow the story in these few verses, we will discover the 3 Dangers of Depression …

Danger #1 – Depression Distorts our Perception of Others (1-4)

Review Ziba/Mephibosheth relationship (ch. 9)

Ziba brings provisions (God’s provision in David’s time of need)

Ziba uses the occasion to slander Mephibosheth

(Absalom would put Mephibosheth on the throne????)

David accepts Ziba’s word … at no other time would David have accepted this, but he was depressed --- his perception of Mephibosheth is colored by it, his perception of Ziba is colored by it

Depression distorts our perception … makes us willing to believe things we would not believe, accept things we would not accept, trust people we would not trust, doubt people we ought to trust.

Danger #2 – Depression Distorts our Perception of God (5-10)

Story of Shimei casting stones and accusing David of the death of Saul and Jonathon and his household ---- this was false and uncalled for

‘….let him curse, because the LORD hath said unto him, Curse David. Who shall then say, Wherefore hast thou done so?” (10)

David is 1/ God’s anointed, 2/ a man after God’s own heart, 3/ blessed by God.

David knew how to treat God’s anointed … He often sang of God’s goodness and His mercy and His lovingkindness …..

And the accusations being thrown at him were lies … falsehoods

But David looked at it and said, “Maybe God told him to say that … Maybe God is cursing me.”

Depression distorts our perception of God. Instead of seeing the goodness of God, the mercy of God, the blessings of God, the love and kindness of God, we begin to wonder …. Why is God doing this to me? Is God trying to destroy me? Maybe God doesn’t love me. Maybe trusting God is a lie … a false hope ….

Danger #3 – Depression Distorts our Perception of Ourselves (11-14)

The offer of Abishai … “let me cut him down to size” (about a head shorter)

Abishai is standing up for God’s man … he is distressed at the disrespect directed to the Lord’s anointed --- he has the same attitude that David has about Saul.

David stops Abishai …

“Behold, my son, which came forth of my bowels, seeketh my life: how much more now may this Benjamite do it? let him alone, and let him curse; for the LORD hath bidden him. “ (11)

David is saying – “I don’t deserve any better. My son is rebelling, God has forsaken me … I deserve to be condemned like this.”

Depression distorts our view of ourselves. Oh, we never deserve the goodness and blessing of God … but this is not mere humility – this is depression. “Woe is me … I’m a nobody … Who cares about me … I’m having a pity party and I don’t want anyone to remind me of what God has done for me and the position God has put me in and the work God has given me to do …. I’m just worthless, just they say.”

Closing: Depression comes when we stop trusting the Lord – when we stop truly believing God knows best --- when we believe that God has deserted us --- when we think more of ourselves than we do of God …

Then the distortions come … we make bad decisions, we accuse God in our mind, we lose sight of our purpose, because we lose sight of our value in the sight of God.

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