3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A message adapted for a funeral, can be used for a inspirational message.

The Lords Peace

I. The First Promise to Christians is that We Don’t have to

Fear Death. Jesus said "Don’t let your hearts be troubled"

1) We are troubled when we don’t know what is going to happen when we die, but Jesus has taken the fear out of dying.

a) He has conquered the grave and death so there needs to be no fear in our eternal future.

The Lords Place

1) A place with no more sorrow or crying.

a) Heaven is a place where the hurts and disappointment of this world have no more sting.

b) Where the frustrations of life are replaced with unspeakable joys.

c) Where the pains of life are not permitted and the failures of life control us no longer.

2) A place with no more pain.

a) Heaven has no handicap parking places.

b) There are not pharmacies and prescriptions to fill.

c) Heaven doesn’t have hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers.

d) The days of aches and pains for ________ are over, the trips to the doctors have ceased, and the all her pain has ended.

3) A place of Great beauty.

The Lords Path

III. The Third Promise found in John 14 is that He Personally

Receives Us.

1) Now I want you to imagine this, the moment that _________ took his/her first breath in Heaven the Lord was right there to welcome him.

a) The first image he saw was the Lord Jesus Christ.

b) He was there with His arms wide open to receive her in to that great mansion that He has prepared for all His children.

c) he experienced a love that we can’t even understand.

i) A love that forgives ever failure that he had in his life.

ii) A love that mends the hurts only he knew.

iii) A love that understood ever feeling that he had.

iv) It is an unconditional love that completely satisfies the longing of his soul.

Three P’s in a pod

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