Summary: The Lord shows up and responds to faith.

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3 Simple Facts about Faith

This is just a simple thought...I'm not even sure where I first got ahold of it. But it has really been a blessing to our church, and everywhere I've shared it. I posted it in this form on my blog a few weeks ago.

3 Simple Facts about Faith

In reading the 5th chapter of the Book of John I found some interesting points that I'd like to share.

When Jesus visits the pool of Bethesda he finds a man here who is lame and unable to walk...he asks him a simple question, "Would you like to be whole?". The man immediately begins to excuse his condition by saying that he doesn't have anyone to take him down to the healing pool at the time of angelic visitation. And I always get the feeling when reading this that Jesus probably said, though unrecorded..."that's not what I asked you, do you want to be whole?" Because he immediately commands him to take up his bed and walk.

On the man's way home he encounters some religious folks who informed him that it is not lawful for him to carry his bed on the Sabbath day. He apologizes profusely and explains to them he was not to blame but the man who just healed him TOLD him to take his bed and walk. They asked him who it was; and the astounding thing is he never even caught Jesus' name and couldn't tell them. And yet he was still the beneficiary of a great and miraculous healing.

In that story I find three facts about faith that I believe would do us all good to ponder.

First, as he demonstrated so many times when folks have a need, Jesus WILL show up. He doesn't always come when we think it is time, but he is always ON TIME, never late. What happens when he gets there largely hinges upon our responses to him when he gets there. But make no mistake, when you have a need...Jesus WILL show up.

Secondly, contrary to the former manner of operation, vis-a-vis the angel troubling the water at a certain season and the first person being the only one to get a healing. Jesus showed us through this lame man that there is no certain time and season in which He will meet your need. Wherever, WHENEVER He encounters your faith, He will answer your call, and meet your need. It could be anywhere, anytime that you make a conscious decision to call on Him and ask Him for help. Possibly even while you're reading this blog, He WILL meet your need.

The third and final point that I've noticed here is that you don't have to know it all to get what you need from the Lord. This man did not know Jesus' name. He was not a Bible scholar, or particularly learned in the Scriptures. He obviously did not have social, or other connections in the religious hierarchy. He had no money, to buy medical help...that's why he was waiting on a miracle.

He probably didn't even know all the books of the Bible or John 3:16. He didn't know any secret handshakes...couldn't tell you the dress code for miracles or anything else that seems so important to religious folks. But he got what he needed simply by trusting and relying on the Grace of a Saviour whom he didn't even yet know.

And that is what the Lord is trying, I believe, to tell us through this simple story of a healed lame man...1-if you have a need Jesus will meet you right where you are, at the point of your faith....2-there's no special time or season, or place...just whenever, whereever you make up your mind to trust and rely and call on Him...3-You don't have to know all the answers to get what you need from don't even need to know all the details of your own problems. Just call on Him.

Why don't you trust Him today?

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