Summary: The First church is born

The Church Is Born

Acts 2:1-13

Lessons From The Early Church

Everything in Chapter one is preparation to the great outburst of the Spirit we are going to see in chapter 2

The second chapter of Acts marks a turning point in the history of God’s kingdom and a new phase of God’s redemptive plan unfolds as the church is born.

In chapter 1 the disciples were to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit in chapter 2 He comes

In chapter 1 the disciples were equipped in chapter 2 they are empowered

In chapter 1 they were held back in chapter 2 they are sent forth

In chapter 1 the Savior ascended in chapter 2 the Spirit descends

All the promise of chapter 1 come to fulfillment as the believers gathered in that room to receive the wonderful promise of the Father

God’s plan to redeem the world began to unfold in human history in the Garden of Eden after man’s sin.

In Genesis 3:15, He promised a savior, who world one day redeem the human race from the effects of sin.

That continued throughout history, through the giving of the law, through the prophets, to a small hill outside of Jerusalem called Calvary. There God’s only son gave his life for the sins of the world. And after rising victorious over sin and death, He promised to send the Holy Spirit to indwell believers.

At the coming of the Holy Spirit God’s church is born. The word church means the “called out ones.” Paul called that concept a mystery in Ephesians 3.

The Church has been called the bride of Christ, the branches of the vine, the flock of the Good Shepherd, the kingdom of God’s dear Son, God’s household, consisting of His adopted children, a spiritual temple of which Jesus Christ is the cornerstone, but uniquely the body of Christ.

Within the body there is a unity since we all are indwelt by Jesus Christ and all possess the same Spirit. Paul says in Galatians 3:28, “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male or female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Acts 2:1-13

Three things this morning about “The Church Is Born”

1) The People Waited For The Power-vs. 1

a) The day of Pentecost had finally come

b) If go back to last week we know that the Pentecost came 50 days after the Passover and was part of the Feast of Weeks

c) Christ arose on the day of Passover and spent 40 days here teaching and preparing the disciples for what would come next.

d) Acts 1:12-26 cover that 10 days between Christ final ascension and the day of Pentecost.

e) And here we have that day has finally come

f) This is more than just a day this was the day the disciples had been praying about and praying for

g) And notice just like the previous 10 days in Acts 1:12-26

h) They were still together and they were still in the same place

i) Luke had told us that there were about 120 people waiting to receive the power of the Holy spirit

j) Notice it says that they were in one place

k) They were obedient they were where Christ told them to be

l) One thing is for sure if a believer want to receive the fullness of God’s Spirit he or she must obey Christ and follow His instructions

m) John 14:15-“if you love me you will keep my commandments”

n) They were also in unity

o) They were all together in one place

p) Acts 1 told us that they were in one accord

q) They waited faithfully in their attendance

r) The key is this they were together and in one place

s) The People Waited For The Power, but They Also Witnessed The Power

2) The People Witnessed The Power-vs. 2-4

a) Notice how the Holy Spirit came suddenly

b) Luke is using the word suddenly emphasizes the element of surprise

c) The believers knew the Holy Spirit was coming to be imminent

d) They were nevertheless caught by surprise

e) The same is going to be true when the Lord returns to earth

f) When see the signs of his return and we know that it is imminent

g) Yet he will still come unexpectedly

h) 1 Thess. 5:2 tell us that the Lord will come like a thief in the night

i) Those gathered could not have expected the dramatic signs that accompanied the Holy Spirit’s coming

j) This coming is described in three I believe carefully constructed parallel statements

k) Vs. 2-a sound came..and it filled the house

l) Vs. 3-tounges appeared..and they rested on each of them

m) Vs. 4-they were filled with the Holy Spirit…and began to speak in other tongues

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