Summary: This sermon challenges us to have a thankful heart in 3 areas and to learn to live with gratitude.

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INTRODUCTION – Recently, my brother Nimal, who was formerly a ship's captain and is now a lay Pastor in our church, shared the Word of God in one of our services. In that sermon he expressed his appreciation and thanks to me for being the first in our family circle to accept the Lord Jesus & for holding on to that commitment in the midst of much opposition. The end result, he mentioned, was that he and eventually our entire family, came to salvation. I was so glad that after all these years he still remembered and was thankful.

We live in a world where gratitude is often not expressed and help given is easily forgotten. Undercutting and backstabbing seem to be the order of the day! That brings me to the main thought in my sermon.

PROPOPSITION – Develop a heart of thankfulness

In this sermon, I would like to challenge you to be thankful for 3 things.


In Deuteronomy 8, God reminds His people of how He had looked after them in the wilderness. He reminds them of the manna that He fed them with (vs 3) and how their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell up (vs 4). From verse 6-9, God then paints a beautiful picture of all the blessings and wealth that awaited them in the Promised Land. From verse 11-18 however, He warns them not to forget His goodness, once they begin to enjoy those same blessings. He says, “Be careful that you don’t forget the Lord your God” (8:11) and warns them in verse 17, ‘you may say to yourself,” My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me”. In fact, the word ‘forget’ is mentioned 3 times and the word ‘remember’ once, in that portion of scripture.

It amazes me how easily people forget God’s blessings. So often He blesses them when they cry out to Him but they don’t have time for Him thereafter. I have prayed with people for suitable employment but once they get the blessing, their office work, and not God, gets all their time and commitment. I have prayed with others for healing but once their health is restored, they go after worldly pursuits with no time for God! Sad, but often true!

Another way we forget God’s goodness is that in spite of all His blessings, we look at others blessings and begin to grumble at what we think we lack, in comparison. For many years God was Israel’s King and provided for the Nation. However, in I Samuel 8, Israel unashamedly asks for a human King of their own, to keep pace with the Nations around them. They were asking for trouble and boy, didn’t they get it! They forgot God’s goodness.

Compare also how Solomon responded with much humility to God‘s promise for success offered to him in 2 Chronicles 1:7-12, asking only for wisdom and knowledge to lead the people of Israel (vs 10). In 1 Kings 11: 3-6 however, we sadly see that in later years, Solomon’s heart turned to other gods (vs 4) and that he did evil in the eyes of the Lord (vs 6). He forgot God’s goodness.

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