Summary: No one is too insignificant to have a personal experience of God.

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Lessons of the Christmas Story

#3 – What We Can Learn from the Shepherds

Luke 2:8-20

December 24, 2006

(Idea for this message from

The most overheard comments regarding bad Christmas gifts. So here they are, the top five most overheard comments regarding bad Christmas gifts…

5. Hey, now there’s a gift.

4. If the dog buries this, I’ll be furious.

3. I love it – but I fear the jealousy it will inspire.

2. To think – I get this on the year that I vowed to give all my gifts to charity.

And the #1 comment regarding a bad Christmas gift…

1. This is a perfect gift, for wearing around the basement.

So if you’ve heard any of those comments about a gift that you gave, now you know what they really meant.

( Contributed by: Andrew Hoover)

Has anyone here ever wished they were famous at one time or another?

You know, being known all around the country or even the world for something, with people doing anything they could to be your friend.

Growing up, I had a couple of those episodes.

The first one I can remember is wanting to be a rock star. I had a cool stage name picked out, and had dreams of selling out concerts as we sang the biggest hits of the time.

I grew up mainly in the 70’s and 80’s during a time of loud guitars and big hair…

Even in college I had dreams of being big in the music business.

How many of you here aren’t afraid to admit that you know who Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass are?

Well, my dream in college was to have a band called, Brian La Croix and the “We-all-juana” Brass.

Unfortunately, that didn’t catch on all that well…

Another dream I had was to be a world-famous conductor like Leonard Bernstein, conducting Beethoven symphonies with the greatest orchestras in the world.

Bernstein had big hair, too…

Well, I’ve never been famous. No one from any of the major networks calls me to get my opinions about issues affecting our world, and there’ll never be a movie made about me.

I don’t get calls from anyone like Billy Graham or Chuck Swindoll or Rick Warren to come and preach for them.

I’ve yet to receive an e-mail from them saying they want to borrow one of my sermons for a massive outreach they’re doing.

I can only thank God that I’ve never been invited to be on “Oprah.”

God has pretty much changed my focus since those early days, and truth be told, I’ve actually had occasions on the other side of the spectrum, wondering if God could ever use me in any fashion whatsoever.

I mentioned those struggles a couple weeks ago.

I also mentioned past how sometimes we can start to wonder if God has anything has anything significant planned for us.

We can look at our circumstances and begin to think that our main purpose in life is just to suck up oxygen and try not to eat too much.

Forget about being famous, we just want to be recognized when we’re at the grocery store or McDonald’s or Cabella’s.

We like the feeling when someone calls to us from across the street just to wave and say hi. Or stops us in the soup aisle just to chat.

For a moment, we can feel special, even if it’s in a small way.

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Buzz Brown

commented on Oct 9, 2008

Thank you,Brian. Good background material regarding Shepherds.

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