Summary: When we begin to think God doesn’t listen to our prayers, we need to remember Hanna, a woman who was committed to prayer.

Hanna: An Example of Commitment and Purity

I Committed Heart

Why do we have what we possess?

Do we remember that God can still act for us?

Romans 14: How does your heart see others?

II Committed Actions

Look up and remember

Obey and keep commitments

Hebrews 12: Are we willing to give up things that aren’t sinful per se, to get closer to God?

III Committed Mission

Sometimes God blesses our faithful, hard work

Sometimes people follow like we follow because they watched us

Sometimes we get to watch God honor us as we’ve honored Him

2 Corinthians 4: Do our appointments with trouble push us off track, or do we get back on track?

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