Summary: Have you tried blowing the trumpet – I mean blowing the ‘trumpet of prayer’ when your life is in shambles? When Gideon and the 300 men blew their trumpets, God started moving on their behalf.

Blow your trumpets!

Judges 7:22”When they blew the 300 trumpets, the LORD set every man’s sword against his comrade and against all the army…..”

Have you tried blowing the trumpet – I mean blowing the ‘trumpet of prayer’ when your life is in shambles? Have you tried blowing the trumpet when the doctor sets a date for your death, your marriage is plummeting and health deteriorating? I repeat have you? I learnt the art of blowing the trumpet of prayer during a crisis period of my life, when the death sentence was declared over my 4 and a half month unborn baby; terminate the baby and remove the uterus was the chorus sung by many doctors we visited. As I lay in the bed like a piece of rag, writhing in pain and loneliness, my husband picked up the prayer trumpet joined with another prayer warrior and interceded for me. Miracles began to unfold! Yes, little by little God started revealing His power and I picked up the prayer trumpet myself! Glory to Jesus! I kept blowing and blowing until the Jericho walls came tumbling down! Hurray!

Apostle Paul said: “pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17,18) What does Paul mean here? He means, ‘do not look at the circumstances that surround you, but focus on God who is on your side and keep praying; also give thanks for all situations – good and the bad, are you listening? Wrong marriage, wrong job, wrong decisions and wrong planning; whatever, He will set it right! Relax!

When I kept blowing my prayer trumpet, God turned my hopeless situation into a miracle. My son Joshua was born hale and healthy, defying all doom and gloom declared over him. The devil is a liar. My uterus remained intact and healthy, I had normal delivery and was discharged from the hospital on the third day after delivery. Imagine! God would change your mourning to dancing! Fear not! Cheer up!

Having tasted the goodness of God, I started blowing the prayer trumpet for others and also taught the art of prayer to many. I started getting deeper and deeper in my own prayer life, after the divine healing and the birth of my son Joshua, I immediately plunged into ministry: distributed Gospel tracts on streets, highways and malls, started luncheon prayer cell at office, visited hospitals at weekends and much more. Prayer became the breath of my life!

When Gideon and the 300 men blew their trumpets, God started moving on their behalf. The enemy camp were confused and they attacked each other in the melee. God would do that for you too! Trust God, obey Him, pick up the trumpet of prayer and blow it before God!

Stop blowing worthless trumpets of your own praise and boasting; humble yourself and blow the trumpet of prayer! People who today mock and guffaw at you will start trembling before you! Are you listening?

Blow the trumpet continuously!

During bed time one day, while I was telling my little son about the fall of the Jericho wall when the people shouted, he retorted back and asked me, “how can such a huge wall fall with just a shout?” I said, “God did it ! ” He was amazed and bewildered but he did believe though. After his personal surrender to Jesus , he later understood in his life that the Jericho wall did not come down just because the people shouted on the seventh day but because the priests blew the trumpets continually and they all obeyed God throughout!

With God nothing is impossible! The Jericho wall fell down flat! Today everything that is standing in the way of your blessing, that is standing in the way of your promotion, healing and deliverance would be brought down flat. Come on, shout out and say praise Jesus! Sometimes there would be situations that is outside of our ability and comfort zone, and instead of smirking and saying “no way” and running the opposite direction, let us say “Ok Lord, you are able to do it”. It is a change in focus, from what we are comfortable with and what we think we can handle/control/achieve in our own strength, to what God can do! Dear friend, there is no point in believing and uttering negative words, please listen today, when your heart believes your mouth speaks positive words. Did you get that? May be there is a bad doctor report, bad news in the office, you are asked to leave, your spouse walks out, bankruptcy, all this looks gigantic and big, the first thing you may want to do is ‘duck’ and run away. But watch what David says, Psalm 18: 29” ..And by God I can leap over a wall” That’s the spirit! Dear friend, faith is all about saying the right thing when things are not right. Got that right?

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