Summary: Start living life with direction instead of depression, discipline instead of dejection and determination instead of disobedience.

I believe that God is huge

Job 37

If that’s God – we must actually fear him. I mean – how big is God?

Wondering about FEAR OF GOD

2 Tim 1 : 7 God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, love and self-discipline. (sound mind)

Fear of God is not being scared of Him at all.

Fear means I have an awesome reverence and respect for his awesome Power. I don’t want to do things my way, I want to do it His way because that results in Power

Unlocking Power = 1 thing Live 3D – not 1D

Determination NOT Depression

Discipline NOT Dejection

Direction NOT Disobedience

So characteristic of God = 1 thing

TRUST – Childlike trust in God.

So powerful and huge – surely He must know better.

Trust – answer to all questions

Freedom – Won’t Worry

Get anxious

Sets you free from mistakes of the Past


What others think



Devil walks around: Why God why?

He did it to Eve and he is doing exactly the same to us.

Wants us to get a little ticked off.

Have some bitterness towards God ; have some bitterness towards others who seem to have it better.

He is so crafty at this He got Adam and Eve to believe that others had it better even when there was no one else having it better.

That bitterness – that apprehension – is holding you back. Going all the way with God. Trusting in His power. Doing it His way not yours – fear of God.

Matthew 11 : 1-3 John Forerunner





Animal skins

Locusts and honey

Dunking people in water

Doing it right. He was doing the right thing!

Sometimes doing the right thing don’t get right results!

Sometimes Satan will thwart your efforts – you’ll get into a mess not because Satan has caused disobedience in your life and you’re completely off the rails. (He does that too) but because you’re making progress. Getting it right.

How often do you feel frustrated because what you’ve been putting in is all right and what is getting out is all bad.

Twice the devil will come against you – when you’re doing things right and when you’re doing things wrong.

Frustrating – things go wrong in my life. Trust – Fear of God.

Determination Depression

Discipline Dejection

Direction Disobedience

Don’t try figure out if I’m doing wrong or right. If I deserve what I’m getting – frustrated, depressed, offended, dejected - All the time.

Enjoy the journey - Not figure it out; worried take offence

That’s fear – fear of living

Fear of God = Trust Childlike trust

“Unless you come to me as a little child you will not inherit the kingdom”

Many people have the Kingdom; they have seen the Kingdom; they have seen the Kingdom. They appreciate what the Kingdom is about and what it can achieve. . They have salvation but they never really enter the Kingdom life that Christ really died to give us because we never really have this child-like trust in God.

Bible: Childlike Faith but not to be childish in our behaviour.

Trusting in God is the solution to every problem you have got. You can have peace and joy if you trust God.

I don’t have a job Trust God

I want to get married Trust God

I’ve got so many bills Trust God

Devil: “What are you going to do?” again and again

Friends: “Heard about your problem, what are you going to do?”

“It does belong to man to direct his own step.” Jeremiah 10 : 23

Does not matter who asks “What are you going to do?” You probably are not going to have the right answer any way.

Every waking moment trying to figure out an answer to questions that we will not have the answer for!

I am a doer. I thought I HAD to do something everytime I heard “What are you going to do? I felt obliged to come up with an answer. Dumb if we say “I don’t know.”

“I don’t have to know as long as I know the One who knows.”

There is no such thing as trust unless you have some unanswered questions in your life.

If you know everything bout life, there is nothing to trust God about. Don’t waste your time trying to answer questions about stuff that only God has the answers to.

John in prison – done all the right things – sacrificed and been obedient. He sends a message.

Jesus answers : Mat 1 : 4-6

Just look at what I’m doing and you will know

Vs 6 = offended

Maybe John could have been a little offended. If you are God then why has God left me / doing this to me.

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