Summary: We search how friendship can help or hurt in the process of testing.

#3 Seasons of TESTING

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

This is part 3 of a 5 part series.

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This is part #3, Why tests?


Proverbs 18:24 A man that is going to have friends must show himself friendly...

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 17:9 He that repeats a matter often separates friends.

We think it strange when our faith is tested?

Yet, no great individual in the Bible went without tests.

The greater the worker, the greater the test.

Cubic zirconium will sparkle like a diamond, it can withstand heat and will resist corrosion. But cubic zirconium will never pass the value test of time, as a diamond.

Cubic zirconium may look good to the eye, but the test will tell!

Religion helps make one stronger, but often it reveals the strengths and weaknesses of individuals very clearly.

Jealousy and selfish desires will show.

Love never fails.

Daily living will show and tell one’s MOTIVE.

Man sees the outside, God sees beyond the trophies and applause.


In this point to consider, we need to pick our friends carefully.

But we do not need to pick our friends to pieces.

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them. --

It is clear, that birds of a feather gather together. -

Treat your friend as he might become your enemy. --

A good friend can serve as a spiritual mirror. You will reflect in them, and they will reflect in you. --

A friend is a second set of eyes, they can lead you from danger, or toward danger. --

Proverbs 18:24 A man that is going to have friends must show himself friendly...

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 17:9 He that repeats a matter often separates friends.

Let me illustrate this point, from the eyes of a wise owl.

Once a wise owl observed a beautiful little dove.

Dove had wonderful parents that provided for Dove.

They taught Dove how to fly, and how important it is to keep a good clean nest. They taught Dove a good healthy diet and what was good and what was bad.

Owl had often preached and taught Dove many lessons of life, owl had seen many other birds associate with the wrong crowd and seen the scars they had incurred. Dove knew what was right.

Dove noticed this Buzzard flying around.

She saw Buzzard, he was always around rotten, maggot infested meat.

But Dove was attracted to Buzzard. He was different.

Dove started getting closer and closer to Buzzard, she came to church after meeting Buzzard, she had fleas and lice.

Wise owl tried to warn beautiful Dove. Owl saw Dove’s potential and wanted to help her develop within God’s plan. Owl also could see the motive of Buzzard. Buzzard had been around.

Dove got very mad at Owl. Why couldn’t Owl see, Buzzard never had a chance?

All Owl and her parents saw was Buzzard’s past.

Buzzard never had a chance. Everybody at school had picked on Buzzard; if he just had a chance.

Dove knew her love could change Buzzard! Dove knew she could teach him to change, she could clean him up.

His old habits weren’t his fault, I will make a Love Nest and he will become a new Buzzard. Dove will show her parents and Owl how wrong they are! Buzzard just laughed at everything.

So, one day Dove ran away with Buzzard. To show her love she got a tattoo on her ankle. Dove built a nest just like momma had taught her.

It wasn’t too long until there were some new eggs in the nest.

Dove warmed the eggs with love.

She knew, Buzzard will change now that there will be some babies to make Buzzard responsible.

Buzzard started flying farther and farther from the nest. When Buzzard would come home, his breath smelled rotten.

Dove asked Buzzard, where were you?

He got very defensive and said you are like all the other birds and you don’t trust me! So Dove just sits in lonely silence.

The baby birds hatch out, and poor Dove is left alone to feed and care for the babies. Buzzard was flying around, he didn’t want to be tied down.

Owl comes by and helps Dove and tells her, you are a precious Dove, you don’t need to allow this to continue.

Again, Buzzard flies off, and is gone for several days.

When Buzzard comes home, he smells and is full of fleas and lice.

Poor little Dove gets a disease from Buzzard.

Dove gets a baby sitter and goes out with Buzzard, she decides I will try to become like Buzzard.

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