Summary: The ultimate goal for every believer is to become mature and be transformed into the Image of our Lord Jesus. From the time we get saved, we start to grow. But growing spiritually alone is enough? What about the other areas in life? Let us learn the lessons from the life of our Lord!

Luke 2:52 says that Jesus increased in Wisdom and stature and in Favor of God and men

Here we see 4 areas of growth:

1. "In Wisdom" which is about Phycological Growth:

- Jesus had shown His Wisdom all His life through His Words and Actions. He Himself is Wisdom!

- What you know is called Knowledge, but the application of the knowledge is called wisdom.

- Wisdom is to think before speaking.

- Wisdom is to do right thing at a right time!

- Wisdom is to be careful in all our deeds.

- James 1:5 God is the source of wisdom, let us seek Him for the wisdom we need.

- It is our responsibility to live as wise.

- 1 Corinthians 1:30 Jesus has become wisdom for us

2. "In Stature" which is about Physical Growth:

- Jesus healed the sick, He took our sickness on the cross but there's no account in bible that says He was sick

- John 2:13-16 - Bible Says, no one could able to tame him. Which gives us an understanding that He did not have a small feeble body. He had a good physical outlook and which was also maintained well enough.

- 1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit...

- Physical growth is all about physical health

- A spiritually whole must not neglect physical unwholesome

- It does not mean to only think about your body always and neglect your spirit.

3. "In Favor of God" which is about Spiritual Growth:

- Relationship with God is the foundation for any Christian life.

- Galatians 5:16 talks about walking in the Spirit

- 1 John 1:7 - says to walk in light

4. "In Favor of Men" which is about Social Growth:

- We as Christians not only have a relationship with God but He has also instructed us to love our neighbors.

- Jesus was a friend of both poor and rich, sinful and righteous

- Jesus did not have any partiality with poor or rich, creed, tongue etc.

- We see people good with God but not at good terms with people, which is not a sign of maturity.

May the Lord help us to Grow in all these 4 aspects of life! Amen!

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