Summary: This is a sermon on the power of God (divine dynamite) and what it can do

* Dynamite = power // Divine Dynamite = power of God

* What we mean when we say we need to "live in the power of God" or we need to have the power of God: the ability to act in a situation so as to produce an effect or to exercise authority over something or someone

* Living in God’s power means that we allow God to act in our situation and we allow his authority to preside over our lives and in our situation.

* God’s desire has always been to demonstrate his power (i.e., delivering Israel from Egypt; Daniel in the lion’s den; fire down from heaven; etc.)

* We need to experience divine dynamite today because the situations we find ourselves in are too much for our power alone.

* Three truths about divine dynamite...

1. The Nature of Divine Dynamite (v. 22-36) = What it can do...

A. We can have the same type of power in our lives that God has and exhibited in the life of Christ!

- Romans 8:16-17 = the "heir" concept

- Luke 24:49 = divine power on eath

B. The power available to us is supernatural power

- It’s a power that enabled miracles, wonders, and signs (v. 22)

- It’s a power over death and the grave (v. 23-32)

- It’s a power over life itself (v. 36)

C. Because we have access to this kind of power, nothing is impossible for us to overcome!

- Luke 1:37

- Jeremiah 32:17

2. How We Can Have Divine Dynamite (v. 37-38)

- Having and using God’s power is conditional = our actions determine if we experience it

- The "condition" we must meet is to be plugged in to God and his power (John 15:5)

- To remain in Christ means that we do practical things that keep us connected with Christ in a spiritually intimate way

- How to remain in Christ:

A. Continually repent

B. Become obedient

C. Identify with Christ by the way in which we live (Eph. 5:1)

3. The Results of Receiving Divine Dynamite (v. 38-41)

A. Our sins are forgiven (v. 38, 41): the repentance offered in verses 37-38 is effective

B. We experience the effect of the Holy Spirit (v. 38-39): when we change, things around us change

C. We exhibit righteousness in a corrupt generation (v. 40)

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