Summary: A look at Spiritual growth according to Paul

I. Four errors to avoid like a plague

A. Foolish questions

1. Foolish or stupid

2. Disputes

3. Why?

a. time is too short, we have to redeem the time we have available

b. such questions that are intended to cause error, miss lead

B. Genealogies (speculation of origins and descendents of persons)

1. This linage is thought to grant religious significance

2. A traceable super hero line of Christians

C. Quarrels, dissentions, strife

1. Not a matter of never being able to disagree, or openly discuss


2. It is a matter of being divided in thought

D. Battles about things pertaining to the law

1. Old Testament Law

2. diets, Holy days, etc.

II. How to deal with followers of error, those practicing false teaching (10)

A. After two admonitions (speak so as to affect the will and disposition of the


1. Instruction

2. Warning

B. Reject, dismiss, shun, and remove from the fellowship

C. Such a person is self-indicted by action and refusal to change

1. Subverted (moved away from the truth by choice)

2. Sinning ( refusal to be returned to the truth)

III. Personal instructions and greetings

A. When Artimus or Tychicus arrive in Crete you come to Nicopolis for the

winter. (preparations are to be made to receive them)

B. Zenas the lawyer, and Apollos are to be sent on their way immediately, lacking nothing. (necessities of life to be provided)

C. Remind our people to (keep on) learning and (keep up the practice of)

continual good work (14)

1. Start with the lesson at hand, send Zenas and Apollos with all they need

2. Then, learn to be fruitful in less obvious situations and where you are

not directly commanded.

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