Summary: Hanna continued to demonstrate her heart’s devotion to God by putting her faith in God’s help and care into action by delivering her son, Samuel, to the tabernacle to live and serve.

We must keep faith alive with action.

I Sharing Faith (1:19-23)

A. Shared faith with family first (Num 30)

B. Sharing bound them closer by watching for fulfillment

C. Sharing faith found brought growth:

1 Worship

2 Reminded to obey

II Sacrificing in Faith (1:24-28)

A. Kept commitment to bring son

B. Trust God to care for son through Eli

1 Own sons not good (2:12-17)

2 Older man caring for young child (patient? caring?)

III Rejoicing from Faith (Chapter 2)

A. God’s deliverance (1)

B. God’s majesty (2-3)

C. God’s protection (4-10)

D. God’s gracious (11)

E. God’s abundance (20-21):

1 More children

2 Samuel increases in “favor with God and man”

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