Summary: A sermon about how to live in the shadow of God, i.e. "the Zone"


We've been talking about being in the zone.

To Dwell -- to exist in a given plan, to reside

Psalms 91 says there is a place that will cause us

to have God's shadow on us.

-I call that the ZONE

-We've been using football as our metaphor

-And since today is Superbowl Sunday

-I thought I would use some more football language

Here is some football language redefined for the church:

1. Quarterback Sneak

-church members quietly leaving during the invitation

2. Draw Play

-What many children do with the bulletin during worship

3. Bench Warmer

-Those who do not sing, pray, work, or apparently do anything

4. Backfield in Motion

-Making a trip to the back (restroom or water fountain)

5. Staying the Pocket

-What happens to a lot of money that should be given

6. Two Minute Warning

-The point at which you realize the sermon is almost over and begin gathering up your children and belongings.

7. Sudden Death

-What happens to the attention span of the congregation if the preacher goes 'overtime'.

8. End Run

-Getting out of church quick, without speaking to any guest or fellow member.

9. Blitz

-The rush for the restaurants following the closing prayer.

A) Defensive Holding

-One unsaved friend not allowing another unsaved friend to answer the altar call

I want to talk about zones:

1. O-Zone

-not in the game

-you're zoned out

-in the stand watching

-the rest of the people compete

B) Offensive Holding

-A saved person holding an unsaved person from answering the altar call because they will be late to lunch.

2. Comfort Zone

-This the place where most of the game is played

-But there are no points scored

-You can't have victory in the comfort zone

-The opposition is not as intense

C) Unnecessary Roughness

-Criticizing a sermon because it steps on your toes

Challenge -- Red Flag

3. Red Zone

-The opposing team won't give an inch.

-Progress is slower -- harder -- tougher

-Breakdown / Breakthrough

-Place of Greatest Resistance -- Your place of greatest breakthrough.

D) Illegal Motion

-Gossiping to someone about what you know under the guise of "concern for the church".

4. End Zone

-The breakthrough

-The score

-The victory

-These are the 4 zones I want to discuss

-And challenge you to move from whatever zone you're in... the END ZONE

-I thought it would be helpful to help you identify each zone by investigating some of the reasons and character traits of those in each zone.

-The journey of the Israelites serves as a great backdrop.

-In their journey from the 0-Zone to the END-ZONE!

1. The O-Zone

EXODUS 1:8-10

9And he said to his people, "Look, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we."

-They were put in slavery

-Our lives before Christ

-The O-Zone

-Just living -- no purpose

-No plans for eternity

-Under the devils' control

-Living life in the stands...

...spiritually speaking

...just watching

-You might be saved, you might not be

(Demonstrate both)

-You wonder why they don't get in the game

EXAMPLE: I had to quit football in the 10th grade... was then when I found out why others don't play

-doubt of abilities

-fear of getting hurt

-tried before and failed

-other interests/priorities

-injuries from the past

-I recognized these same excuses are what keep people in the stands...and out of the race in life.

1. Doubt

-I am not good enough

-Can't make the cut

2. Fear

-Fear of the unknown

-I might get hurt





3. Past Failure

-I tried once

4. Priorities

-No one is promised tomorrow

5. Hurt

-Hurt by coach

-Hurt by team

-Past injury

-People in church


-Pastors failed

2. The Comfort Zone

Exodus 16:4

-Here are Christians living lukewarm

-They are somewhere in between

-Have you ever felt like you were somewhere in between this and that...previous blessing and powerful breakthrough

1. Tired

-Moses and his tired arms

-He needs a little support

-Exodus 17

-Matthew 11:28-30

-giving all energy somewhere else

2. Lack of Hunger

-Coming home for dinner but eating junk food

-How to regain hunger


2. Balanced Diet

3. Burning Energy

-Matthew 5:6

3. No Vision

-Habakkuk 2:2-3 (KJV)

-Jesus healed vision more than any other infirmity

-Because the devil knows if you can see it you can seize it!

-Samson -- Blind -- Bind -- Grind

4. Priorities

5. Living off Yesterdays Victories

EXAMPLE: Colts trying to go undefeated

3. The Red Zone

Joshua 1:2

-Read Joshua 1:3 various verses

ľ They had lost their coach leader

ľ It was flood season

ľ Jericho

ľ Giants

ľ Attitudes

-opposition is more focused in the red zone

-yardage is smaller and harder

-bring out the biggest and toughest

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