Summary: This is the 4th study in the study "The Hebrew Hymnal".

Series: The Hebrew Hymnal (Psalms) [#4]


Psalm 4

Some hymns are inspired by tragedies in our lives while other hymns are just inspired through knowing Almighty God. This fourth hymn is a song of praise lifted up to God for what He has done and is doing. Notice the order of things in this Psalm.


Psalm 4:1-2

On our own we don’t have a chance. Man has always needed a Savior and His name is Jesus. We need God to hear us and if we will go to Him He will found and He will listen.


Psalm 4:3-4

When we accept Christ as Savior we are set apart as God’s. We are His.


Psalm 4:5

God has saved us and set us apart. In response to that, we are to offer “right sacrifices” to God. What is right?

Romans 12:1-2


Psalm 4:6-7

When we offer “right sacrifices” to God we will find satisfaction and joy in our life.


Psalm 4:8

When we are satisfied through Jesus Christ we will also feel secure. Regardless if you feels secure or not, once you are God’s you are eternally secure.

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