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Summary: As we live in-between for God we will encounter storms. Some from our own making, some from following God. The key is how we respond in the midst of them.

I Will Live In-Between #4 Life Lessons From a Storm

(Matthew 14:22-33)

~ Intro: Storm of life story…

1. We often encounter storms in life because of God’s leading.(vrs 22)

• The disciples were made/compelled to go into the storm.

- Jesus knew the storm was coming so it wasn’t an accident.

- Jesus had a purpose for the disciples to go through the storm.

• God has a purpose for everything we go through…are we willing to trust Him.

- My brother having a seizure and having to come back to the States after just arriving in Africa…Robin’s mom died while they were here.

Now the fact that we all go through storms isn’t really important, and what form these storms/trials take isn’t even important. So what, you may be wondering, is important? Well that is our 2nd point…

2. The key to weathering life’s storms is in how we react.(vrs 25-29)

• The example we are initially given doesn’t seem all that encouraging.

- The disciples, who had just witnessed and participated in the ‘Feeding of the 5000’ seem to have forgotten God’s power.

- I can just picture 12 grown men, half fishermen, screaming and crying in desperation.

• Reacting in panic is never productive.

- Panic only leads to more panic…they though “it’s a ghost”

- We must be careful here not to get smug thinking, ‘how could they…’ Consider what Proverbs 16:18. Prides goes before destruction…

- How many of us leave church or our devotional times after God has really blessed, and we loose our focus…

~ 3 Steps to learning from life’s storms:

• Step #1: Look and actually see what is happening.

- Peter took time to do this.

- Don’t just casually glance and assume you know.(MK finding ‘diamonds’ mom made him throw most away only to discover they were diamonds)

• Step #2: Listen to what God is saying.

- Peter wanted to hear and know it was Jesus

- This is only possible if you are already tuned into Jesus.

- The middle of a situation/storm isn’t the time to develop this…personal devotions or quiet time is.

• Step #3: Obey without wavering until you’ve reached the other side.

- Peter started off great in walking by faith

- Note: We should only take leaps of faith when God tells us to.(not when we think or when others do, but only when it comes from God)

Now you may be wondering, if I do these steps does that mean success? Let’s consider our 3rd point…

3. The results always hang on Jesus.(vrs 30-33)

• Peter needed to learn this lesson.

- It wasn’t about how good he had been doing—he had gotten to within an arms reach of Jesus

- It wasn’t about how big the situation and circumstances appear—Peter looked at this and literally lost sight of what was important.

• This tells us that we can have true faith and yet it can be shallow.

- Meaning it is easily distracted…don’t doubt your faith

- Brian paying attention when tired

• Remember: the main lesson is who Jesus is.

- He all sufficient.

- As He was there for Peter, so He is there for us.

- There is nothing He can’t take care of.

• The Question: What kind of faith do we have?

- Circumstantial, temporal, shallow/little, doubting faith or…

- Unconditional faith in Jesus

~ Conclusion:

• Today I don’t know what kind of storms you may be facing in life but I do know how you can get through them…unconditional faith in Jesus

- You may have started great like Peter, but like him you’ve become distracted

- Call out and let Jesus lift you up again.

• Or you may be here and you have never known that there was help for getting through life’s storms/trials

- Today God wants to be your ‘help in time of need’

- All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior…that’s as simple as the A. B. C’s

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