Summary: This series deals with how to properly honor authority in our lives.

Honoring Authority

Old Testament Examples of Dishonoring Authority


Honoring authority is to respect and value those in authority over you because of the influence and responsibility they carry for your life.

Opening Thoughts/Review

Romans 13:1

„h Every person alive is under some type of authority and will be until the day they die.

„h Authority is a God-thing, not a man-made thing.

„h By honoring authority, we honor God. By dishonoring authority, we dishonor God.

„h Authority is simply about influence and responsibility.

„h Authority is meant to work to our advantage.

„h God uses authority to establish order.

„h Authority comes out of God¡¦s order, not necessarily rank or seniority.

The Purpose of Authority

Authorities in general

„h They set boundaries for our protection.

„h They set and inflict penalties for injustices done.

„h They arbitrate in the matters of indifference.

„h They give counsel when direction is needed.

Church authorities

„h They keep watch over our souls.

„h They raise us up and train us for ministry.

„h They release us into destiny.

„h They love us, encourage us and discipline us.

„h They guide us.

„h They prepare the way for those behind them.

Four Old Testament Examples of Dishonoring Authority

Reuben (Genesis 35:22)

Reuben slept with his father¡¦s concubine. Out of this ¡§marriage bed¡¨ came forth the fruit if Jacob. Reuben defiled that bed, thus dishonoring his father. Many times people see the glory of ¡§the father¡¦s¡¨ work and the fruit of his labor and they want it so they try to ¡§fornicate¡¨ with it hoping to produce fruit of their own.

Application: you honor authority by respecting the call of God upon their life and the fruit of their loins. You come along side to help them accomplish their vision and produce fruit for the kingdom of God.

¡§A man¡¦s gift will make room for him.¡¨ (Prov.18:16)

Saul & the troublemakers (1 Samuel 10:23-27)

Some of the Israelites questioned Saul¡¦s ability to be king. They did not take into account that Saul¡¦s inauguration was a Kingdom thing (a God thing) and not a matter of talent and gifting. We don¡¦t have a right to question God¡¦s choice of an authority figure because it¡¦s not about us . . . it¡¦s about His kingdom and authority comes from His order not ours.

Numbers 12 --- Miriam and Aaron do the same and suffer the consequences of their actions.

Application: do not question God¡¦s choosing of authority. Honor them as you would honor God.

Noah¡¦s Nakedness (Genesis 9:20-25)

Noah¡¦s son dishonored his father by not covering up his nakedness. His other two sons covered their father¡¦s nakedness and didn¡¦t even look upon their naked father. Noah was a just and righteous man who made a mistake. We are not led to believe this was a character flaw or a habitual sin. The authorities in our lives will make mistakes and will sin. We shouldn¡¦t be quick to uncover and expose that sin.

Application: let love cover a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). Don¡¦t look for things to expose concerning the authorities in your life.

*cover: to hide or veil, to hinder the knowledge of a thing.

Elisha and Gehazi (2 Kings 5:13-27)

Gehazi went after Naaman to receive a gift from him. Gehazi used the name and influence of Elisha for personal gain.

Application: do not use the authorities in your life as a stepping stone for your own gain. Allow God to promote and reward you.

Closing Remarks:

„h Honor your authorities vision and life¡¦s work.

„h Don¡¦t question an authority¡¦s ability or calling.

„h Don¡¦t expose sin in an authority¡¦s life.

„h Don¡¦t use an authority¡¦s influence or name for personal gain.

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