Summary: Jesus gives us a step by step method of the requirements that must be made to be a follower of him.

4 Requirements of Following Jesus

Mark 8:34

“And when he had called the people unto Him with his disciples also, He said to them, whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

There is a song we sing during church service,

“What a friend we have in Jesus”, and sometimes I wonder if we are singing for the sake of singing or do we really mean the words we are singing. Let’s look at the 4 requirements to be a follower of Jesus:

1.You must have a desire to follow.

2.There must be Self-denial.

3.You must take up the cross.

4.You must Follow Jesus (the pattern of his life).

1.Whosoever will come after me…

1a. Many choose Christ based on their

denominational teaching, and not fully

considering what Jesus said.

2a. Following Jesus involves a Conscious,

Willful decision.

3a. Man must be steadfast or faithful to his


4a. Once we have chosen to follow, we must

be true to our choice.

5a. Instead of being just Attenders and

Complacent, rather than truly

committed to Jesus.

6a. Some times we are not willing to really

deny the flesh and the things that

please us.

II. Let Him Deny Himself… (self-denial)

1.What it means to deny self.

Do we really understand what it means to

deny ourselves? Denying self of doing

things that are wrong, doing without

certain material possessions.

2. As part of our testimony of being a

Christian, the world looks on us…

do they see Jesus?

3. Denying self is a statement of action, but

many plan church activities around their

personal life. That is Flesh and self in

control. Denying self-means Christ and

his work becomes first priority, making

Jesus the center point of all things.

III. Take up his Cross…

1. What a personal cross implies.

Many assume that taking the cross is

personal burdens we have to carry. That

concept brings the focus on self and what

self is doing. “ Look at what I’m doing or

doing without”.

2. The Cross, is an emblem of a death.

The cross was the place of Christ’s

death. It also represented our death as he

died for each one of us. Taking up the

cross in essence is dying to self, Daily.

3. Now an emblem of Christian faith.

IV. Follow Me…

1. Wherever he may lead.

2. Whatever the circumstances may be.

3. Ready to suffer for his name’s sake.

4. Ready, Willing, and Able to be

identified with him.

V. The bearers of the cross will trade it for a Crown.

Conclusion: We ought to bear the Cross with faith and

patience for the Lord’s coming is at hand.

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