Summary: The only thing original here are my typing errors, The rest relies on John McCarthur’s New Testament Commentaries

Temptation or Trial

James 1:13-17

Peermos, is the Greek word used in our text. Used as a noun it means “tempted” used as a verb it means “trial”. The difference between a temptation and a trial is not word usage, but the difference in the person’s response. If we respond in faith and obedience we have endured a trial. Endurance leads to righteousness, wisdom and blessings (2-12). If we surrender in doubt and disbelief we have succumbed to temptation and temptation has led to sin and death (15). So an opportunity to sin can be turned into a conduit for blessing or an opportunity for blessing can be turned into an avenue for sin. The choice is ours’!

I. The Temptation of Temptation (13)

A. Prov. 19:3

B. Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote, “Thou knowest thou hast formed me with passions wild and strong, and listening to their witching voice has often led me wrong.”

C. Natural to blame others, especially to blame God. (Adam, Cain)

II. The Truth of Truth (13b)

A. God can not be tempted

1. Good and evil exist in separate realms

2. Good and evil are mutually exclusive of each other

3. What about Jesus? Unitarians like to make this point, “If Jesus is God, how could he be tempted?” Well, pay attention! The Devil may have offered temptation, but Jesus endured a trial!!

B. Again, if God can not be tempted neither tempt He any man, what about David in 2 Sam. 24:1? Did God cause David to sin?

- Always allow the Bible to comment on the Bible

- I Chron.21:1

III. The Truth about Temptation (14)

A. The fallen nature of man makes use susceptible to sin

1. “Each one” means everyone, no immunity to temptation

2. We are all sinners

B. “Carried away, enticed”

1. Carried away is being pulled by an inner force

2. Enticed is being lured by outward influence

IV. The Truth about Sin (15)

A. Sin leads to death

B. Don’t be deceived (16)

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