Summary: Peter's First Sermon to the people of Jerusalem

The 1st Sermon-The Gospel Message

Acts 2:14-24

Lessons From The Early Church

In an effort to appeal to people today and to their interest and the church today emphasizes a great many different programs and approaches. Small group, culturally relevant worship emphasizing music and drama have become increasingly popular. Many churches look to psychology, management techniques, and advertising strategies have all made significant inroads into the life of the church.

Not all of those things may be harmful. Some in their proper place can even be helpful. But most of the time what has been sacrificed in the flurry of activities and programs is the priority of preaching. Some modern pastors and churches may bid it good riddance. Such was not the attitude of the church through history.

The very first event of church history after the coming of the Holy Spirit was Peter’s Sermon

It lead a group of 120 to seeing 3,000 people saved.

Preaching has always remained central to the church’s mission.

The Gospel is not to be watered down but to spread and shared.

Acts 2:14-24

1) The Believers Infilled-vs. 14-16

a) The believers were excited

b) They were filled with the Holy Spirit

c) They were filled with God’s presence and joy

i) They were excited

ii) They spoke about the wonderful works of God

iii) Expressed joy in what God had done

iv) Witnessed to all who would listen

d) I don’t know how a Christian can walk around in a defeated life

e) Unfortunately they had to give an explanation

f) When people do not understand they try to come up with ways of explaining

i) Faith is for weak minded people

ii) Those people will believe anything

g) So Peter stood to his feet to give an explanation

h) Notice it says that Peter took his stand and the other 11 were with him

i) Peter raised his voice and started to speak

j) What a difference in the Peter who once denied Christ 3 times to the man standing before a crowd getting ready to share the Gospel with them

k) He is talking to the people there

l) And notice the boldness in his voice

m) “let this be known to you and give heed to my voice”

n) There is no hesitation in his heart

o) Peter did not try to yell at them

p) He spoke respectfully but firm and he proceeded calmly to show them their error

q) When people try to ridicule the Gospel we do not have to be cruel

r) We should answer kindly and respectfully yet firmly

s) Proverbs 15:1—“A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, But the mouth of fools spouts folly

t) I always try to have some sort of introduction

u) But Peter had a great introduction in the Holy Spirit’s coming

v) But before he could begin he refuted the charge that they were drunk by saying it is only the third hour which would have been only about 9:00 AM

w) And since he is going to be speaking probably mostly to Jews he is going to use the OT to explain

x) The Believers were Infilled, but look at the explanation Peter give

2) The Explanation-vs. 17-21

a) Peter is going to beginning here by quoting Joel 2:28-32

b) In the last days he says

c) What are the last days

d) The last days began when Christ came to earth and they will end when Christ returns to earth

e) In the last days includes the great outpouring of God’s Spirit

f) God’s gift of salvation and His Holy Spirit has come for all.

g) In the OT God used prophets to take the message

h) But in these last days it is everyone’s job to take the message

i) God’s gift is available to everyone, male/female, young/old, slave/free, rich/poor

j) The emphasis here is that God pours out His Spirit only upon His servants and upon His handmaidens.

k) Who’s job is it to share the message of Christ?

l) Peter goes on to share that the last days are going to include terrible judgments at the end

m) Acts 2:19-20

n) The Day of the Lord

o) That is the day when Christ returns to execute judgment upon the earth

p) Matthew 24-25

q) And in Revelation

r) But it is a definite Day that is coming upon the earth

s) Note it is coming at the end of the last days at the end of the present age

t) And look at this day

u) Peter says there will be wonders: signs happening in the sky

v) Signs: events and happenings on the earth given by God to warn that the end is at hand

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