Summary: John was described by Jesus as the greatest man ever born of woman. He had certain qualities that we as Christians need to have in our lives.

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4 Things John the Baptist Had that We All Need

Matthew 11:11; Luke 3:1-19

I. He Was More Interested in Testimonies that Titles (Luke 3:1-2)

A. God will always desire a testimony over a title

• Moses vs. Pharaoh

• Elijah vs. Ahab & Jezebel

• Mary Magdalene vs. Herodias

B. A Testimony Will Outlast a Title

1. What you do with your life will outlast your name

2. What you do with your life will affect more people than your name

3. You will be judged by God based on your testimony and not your title

II. John Had a Purpose (Luke 3:3)

A. He knew his purpose and was prepared for it. (Luke 2:2b)

B. He never questioned God’s purpose for His life

C. He never wavered from fulfilling his purpose

1. He did not get tired of serving God

2. He did not retire

3. He did not take a break or burnout

III. John Had a Message (Luke 3:4-17)

A. His message proclaimed the messiah (v. 4-6)

B. His message met men right where they were. (v. 7)

C. His message called for real change (v. 8-14)

D. His message pointed people to Jesus (v. 17)

IV. John Had an Unwavering Commitment (Luke 3:18-19)

A. John’s commitment did not waver under criticism

B. John’s commitment did not waver under religious pressure

C. John’s commitment did not waver under government pressure.

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