3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We close the series on understanding by pondering SMALL THINGS.

#4 Part in 5 part series on UNDERSTANDING


By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.


We are pondering and studying understanding.

This study will address the fact that small things can grow and dominate, then destroy.


James 1:15 Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.

2 Samuel 11:1 And it came to pass after the year was expired, at the TIME when KINGS GO FORTH to BATTLE, that David sent Joab...

1. Don’t ignore small things..

Know small things can take root, and grow.

There is a parable I want to share.

There was a little girl and her dad that lived in Africa.

One day while on a journey, the little girl had her dad stop by the road.

They saw a momma lion that had been killed and a baby lion trying to nurse

from the corpse of the momma lion.

The little girl loved the newborn baby lion.

She begged her dad, Please let me keep the baby lion.

She promised to feed it and take good care of the baby. She loved the lion.

The dad said, NO! You can’t keep the baby lion, we will take it to the refuge and leave it there!

The man’s daughter cried and cried, but please daddy, she wanted the baby lion all for herself.

The little girl refused to eat until the daddy let her keep the baby lion.

Finally, the dad gave in to his beautiful, little daughter.

They hid the baby lion in car and took it home and feed it.

The daughter was so happy, she just loved her daddy for letting her have the baby lion as her own personal pet.

The baby lion slept in the bedroom with the little girl.

She would wake up at night and feed the little lion.

The girl rushed home from school to love and care for the baby lion.

Soon the lion started growing, and the girl grew also.

They were inseparable friends.

They played and did all kinds of tricks to impress others.

The girl would pet the lion until it purred.

The girl fed the lion, gave it baths, and carefully loved and cared for the lion.

The dad started accepting the lion as part of the family.

In time, they would really play rough together.

This play developed rough and rougher.

One day the dad was gone on a business trip,

and the teenage girl was playing with

the 650 pound lion in the back yard.

The lion knocked the teenage girl down to the ground,

it accidentally scratched her.

When the lion smelled her blood, he attacked her and killed her.

The dad called home and there was no answer.

So, he quickly returned home.

His precious daughter was not in the house.

He ran into the back yard, there was blood everywhere.

The lion was covered with blood and laying next to what remained of his beautiful daughter’s body.

You can blame the lion if you want, but the wild nature in the heart of the lion came to the surface in the action that destroyed the girls life.

It all returns to the call to bring the lion into the man’s home as a pet.

See, the man had made a poor choice years before.

It was just a little innocent choice at the time.

Few people can see their choices today, may have consequences far down the road. Why should I be faithful to the church?

Why should I practice giving?


We must learn to see small choices can have large consequences.

2 Samuel 11:1 And it came to pass after the year was expired, at the TIME when KINGS GO FORTH to BATTLE, that David sent Joab...

How much can a little decision to stay at home and play around COST?

When David did not go to battle when he should have,

a process was released, and a choice was made.

David sent Joab, and that choice started a process that ended with sin,

adultery, and murder, and an illegitimate baby.

All this would have never happened if David had been with his men and doing the Will of God.

God teach us to understand that little things may grow and develop into bigger things.

Sin will take you farther than you planned on going.

Sin will keep you longer than you plan on staying.

Sin will cost you more than you planned on paying!



I am not telling you a story to take lightly, not counting the cost is a very real symptom of a sick society.

Here is a real story sent to me by pastor Tom Nelson:

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