Summary: This is the 5th study in the study "The Hebrew Hymnal".

Series: The Hebrew Hymnal (Psalms) [#5]


Psalm 5

Each one of us has had restless nights due to the stress and worry of the upcoming day. As studied in Psalm 3, David had been running from Absalom and there at Manaheim his men were sent out to stop the Israelite Army. Most likely this Psalm was written that morning. As David got up that morning he had no other option but to go to God in prayer. As we study this song of prayer, notice how David lifted up this prayer to God.

Approaching God

Psalm 5:1-6

David knew that he was not talking to some acquaintance, He was talking to Almighty God; and when you go to God you don’t just run into His presence. David approached God with reverence and awe knowing that God was always in control.

Hebrews says we should boldly approach God’s throne; but that is only because Jesus Christ is our Intercessor. We can’t approach God on our own. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can go to God the Father.

Asking God

Psalm 5:7-11

After David approached God, he then made some request. He asked God to lead him in righteousness; not let his enemies get him down; and watch over all who go to God.

We are told that as Christians God will give us anything that is in His will and that the Holy Spirit will show us what God’s will is. Christians are also told that we have not because we ask not.

Affirming God’s Power

Psalm 5:12

David closes this prayer by affirming that will fulfill His promises to His people and will complete His plan.

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