Summary: You have been chosen by God for a holy life.

Chosen to Live a Holy Life

I Peter 1:13-25

I. Straighten up!!!!

A. Our hope rests in God

1. his kindness will be revealed in Christ Jesus

2. put your hope in nothing else

B. obedient children

1. live as you ought to

a. by what you have been taught

b. by what you have been shown

2. chosen by God

a. a decision of perfection

b. the children should reflect the father

II. An impatial judge

A. God does not play favorites

1. He will judge or reward by what you do

2. live reverantly toward Him

a. remain separate from the world

b. do not let the world pull you away

B. You’ve been rescued

1. an empty life

a. all things were worthless in the end

b. could not bring happiness, peace or salvation

2. a costly sacrifice

a. not silver or gold

b. the blood of Christ

1. perfect

2. sinless

3. blameless

3. sacrifice was planned from the beginning

a. just for you

b. lead you to a relationship with God

c. so that your faith and hope might be in Him

III. New life

A. Pure heart

1. cleansed from sins

2. throrough cleansing

B. love others with the same love you have received

C. Born again

1. not by human birth

a. ends in death

b. is not eternal

2. by the spirit of God

a. a fresh beginning

b. eternal life

c. revealed in God’s word

d. the word is good news.

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