Summary: This is a prophetic message explaining what God is doing in our church.


Father we ask for Your anointing on us today. Place Your anointing on me as Your messenger today. God move in our lives. Help us to see things the way they are and understand that we need to prepare for the day you send your Son to bring us home. Rip open the heavens and visit Your people today.

Open our eyes so that we may see Your Word. Open our ears so that we may hear Your Word. Open our minds so that we may understand Your Word. Open our hearts so that we may receive Your Word today.


It has been almost 10 full years since Debbie and I became your pastors. It seems like the last 10 years have just flown by. Time flies when you are having fun!

Debbie and I have watched our immediate family grow and change and we have watched our church family grow and change.

It has been stated by many people that the Winfield Open Bible Church is not the same church that it was 1 year ago, 10 years ago, even 30 years ago.

We have gone through many changes that have brought us to the place we are today.

Where is that place? I believe that today, the Winfield Open Bible Church is at a place in its existence that it is hungrier for the move of God than it has ever been in the past.

It has been at this place in times past but during those times has only allowed a little bit of the move of God to satisfy it.

It has been at this place before and apathy caused the church to hunger for other things.

It has been at this place before but because of a lack of action and a lack of vision, the things God wanted to do never were accomplished.

Once again the WOBC finds itself at a place that we are hungry for a move of God. God is doing some awesome things in our church and this is something that needs to be talked about and this is something that needs to be acted upon.

God wants to move in a fresh and new way in Winfield, Iowa and what you have been seeing and what you have been hearing is just the beginning.

One of the members of our church had a dream on Monday night that they shared with me on Tuesday. In her dream we were all in church worshipping God. Most of the people worshipping were at the front of the church and as they were seeking God, the heavens opened up and a cloud filled the church and in the cloud was God. Not God the Son or God the Holy Spirit, it was God the Father.

What I found most interesting about the dream was that the people who were seeking God at the alter were not afraid. Instead she described the reaction of the people as being in awe of what God was doing. God was pleased with what he witnessed and she remembered His first words was “My people.” Then she woke up.

I believe that this is a prophet dream. God is doing something. God is visiting this church. And as a church you are beginning to grasp what God is doing. You are waking up.

This dream prompted me to remember the dream I had a few months ago about an army that was attacking the church. God was calling the church to be ready and to wake up.

Another prophecy that was given the first of the year was that we need to wake up or the thing that God wants to do in Winfield and in our church, that thing He will pass by us if we do not wake up and grasp it.

Many people in the southeast Iowa area have been feeling that God is up to something and southeast Iowa is important in God’s plan.

Fires of God’s presence are beginning to ignite all over southeast Iowa and it is exciting. Winfield is one of those places.

A number of us who have been praying on Tuesday evenings here at the church have felt for some time that God is up to something and that God has put a time table to what He wants to do.

The month of June is key to what God is doing and today I want to help you make sense of all that is going on.

June is a very important month to Open Bible Churches across the nation. June is the month of the 75th anniversary of our organization. It is also the month that our national convention is taking place, in Spokane, Washington.

This year at our national convention Open Bible is considering a major change in the constitution and by-laws. It is a merger and revision of those documents that is over due as the current documents are out of date by about 30 years.

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