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Summary: Where are you going?

6 surprises about Hell

Luke chapter 16 verses 19-31

In relation to some that have thought that Jesus is telling a parable here is wrong, for

Jesus here is telling a true story. I’ve been ask and even told that this was a parable about

this certain happening here in Luke. I ask you to look anywhere in the bible where Jesus

does use certain stories as a parable, and you will notice that Jesus does not use a name of

a person, but just a text as, a certain man or a certain women. Nowhere have I found in

the bible where Jesus uses a name of a person in this case Lazarus, and it not been a true

story. I make this statement here ,for I believe this is no parable but a true happening

which Jesus tell us of.

In studing this story Jesus tells us of Lazarus and a rich ruler, which the ruler went to

Hell, and Lazurus went unto Abraham bosum. I’ve also see some things here which by

God’s help and grace, I hope to impress upon you today, six surprise about Hell.

1- surprised that a Hell exist.

There are religions today that do not even believe a real Hell exist. There thinking is when

you die, you go into the ground and that’s the end of your existence, nothing more will

ever happen to them again. Then you have some that believe there is no heaven or no hell,

that your body will die and again that’s the very end. Some religions, also think there is

just a heaven and no Hell. You work your way into Heaven and if you just don’t make it,

then you rot in the ground.

I’m here to tell you today, there is a Hell!, which will last forever and ever. There will be

flames that will evermore keep you in torment for all the ages to come. Also I will say that

those that don’t believe there is a Heaven or Hell, will end up in Hell, as this rich ruler did.

As I have studied for this message, I have found that there are 31 verses in the old

testament and 23 in the new testament that directly uses the word Hell in them. That’s is a

total of 54 times that tells me there is a Hell, and there will be folk’s in Hell. You see the

bible does refer to a place called Hell more than just a few times, and if the bible say’s

there is a place called Hell, I believe it for God said so, and he can’t lie!.

2- surprised that they went to Hell

I have talked to many a people that just believe if they are good, and friendly, and just

stay out of trouble, they will not have to face Hell. You might of met those same people. I

run into to them daily it seems. They are facing the day where they will have to answer to

the charges brought before them, and being nice, and good, just won’t cut it. As a friend

of mine that lives in the country, his favorite saying is, “that dog, just won’t hunt.”

Here in the text I just read today, a man that was cautious in his ways, he was rich,

dressed fine, did you notice the bible does not speak bad of him, but with all his cautious

living he ended up in Hell.

Satan has delivered this notion far and wide across this world, that being a good person is

good enough. Well for Satan, that is good enough, good enough to get you sent to Hell!. I

know some people today, I’ve talked to, stating this very statement, I’m a good person, I

live a good life, I eat right, I never bother no one, I’m properly the finest person you will

ever meet. I’m a fine upstanding citizen in my community. I don’t have to worry about

Hell, I’m not going. But those same people without accepting Jesus as their Lord and

Savior, will be surprised they went to Hell.

3- surprised how fast they went to Hell

When the doctor say’s your gone, your gone, the time for you on earth is over. The great

question is what’s next. In the book of 2 Corinthians, chapter 5 verse 6 through 10 pretty

much tells us what is next. When you die, your soul, your spirit is absent from the earthly

body and then, not later, not an hour or so after you have died here in the flesh of the

body, but now!, you are present with the Lord.

In verse 23 the rich man just lifted up his eyes after his death and he knew he was in Hell.

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