Summary: What does the Christian need to be doing today in the last days for the Kingdom, the Church, the World



This past week I was saddened at hearing that the Supreme Court struck down a Federal Law defining “Marriage” as a “Union between a man & a woman.” Frankly, it was more than just saddened, I was “HEARTBROKEN & INCENSED” at the same time. I know what the definition is, I don’t need any court telling me! I have the Bible!

It would seem that the very fabric of our society is tearing itself apart faster with each passing day! We’re watching, right before our eyes on the news every evening the destruction of our society & our “JUDE O-CHRISTIAN VALUES” dissipating without hardly a word being said from our so called “Conservative Law Makers!”

It’s almost so disheartening that if one is not careful you could be become so discouraged that you lose all hope for this world! Maybe not for God, or your Christian Life, or Lifestyle, but for the world! Folk we cannot afford to become so “DISHEARTENED or DISCOURAGED” that we give up on the world!

Yes, we know where this world is going but there are many reasons to “NOT GIVE UP!” Some of those reasons to not give up are some our “VERY CHILDREN” who are not saved yet, our “GRANDCHILDREN”, the “LOST!” Someone has to stand in the gap for the “LOST” whether they appreciate it or not! This is not about their “APPRECIATION” it’s about doing what is “RIGHT” in the eyes of God, it’s about “LOVING” the lost like Jesus did, it’s about “CARING” about what God cares for!

Our grandchildren are going to grow up in a world that has “VIRTUALLY NO VALUES!” Our grandchildren are looking to us for “LEADERSHIP” for what is “RIGHT & WRONG” for something worth “DYING FOR!”

Having something worth “DYING FOR” is the greatest reason for “LIVING!” You give someone a reason to “DYING FOR” & you’ll have a “KINGDOM WARRIOR!”

Young David said it well in I Samuel 17:26 on the battlefield while standing looking at Goliath as he said,

“Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the Army of the Living God?”

Folk, that is the attitude we need & should have today as we are seeing the values of God being hacked down daily!

Babies are being killed by the 1000's daily, by the millions yearly because of abortion, now little girls can get the day after pill without a prescription or parental permission & without questions, babies are having babies, sexual activity for teens as young as 12 years old is not only considered normal by some parts of our society, but for the most part encouraged for self expression, kids have no idea what is right or wrong based on TV, children’s shows, movies, pop icons, non-existent cultural values that lift up people who are non-traditionalists, teaching our children their lifestyles are not only acceptable but positive & encouraged!

We’re seeing Homosexuality with a running start that’s leading to that lifestyle being foisted not only on our society but on our children in schools! A school in Colorado, by court order, now has to allow “TRANSGENDERED” children as young as 7 years old to share co-ed bathrooms! What makes a little boy think he’s “TRANSGENDERED” except a society that accepts or is accepting, by sitting back & doing nothing, as though that is normal & foists that idea & concept on the innocence of a child and the children of a grade school!


The enemy has & is pulling out all stops as never before because he knows the time is short, that his downfall is close at hand, at the very least only #7 years away. To the enemy time is everything because he knows his time is short!

The church can’t sit back anymore wondering, “What can we do?” Matthew 5:13-14 says...

“You are the SALT of the earth...You are the LIGHT of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden!”

The coming of Jesus is so close, He could come any day & I feel that in my heart more than I ever have in all my life!

If you’re thinking “What can I do?” I’m glad you asked me because I have some answers for that question!


You might be thinking “What does that mean?” It means that we’re expecting the coming our of Lord any moment! It means that we’re not only “EXPECTING” but looking with “ANTICIPATION” & that we’re busy about the “FATHER’S BUSINESS!”

Matthew 24:27 says...

“For as the lightening comes from the EAST & flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be...”

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