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Summary: Where we focus our lives and minds when life happens and worries come, can have a huge impact on how well we make it through. Jesus gives us several things to consider when these happen to us.

Luke 12:22-31

The Lord Jesus had just left off in vs. 13-21 speaking a parable of the rich man who in his own mind had no needs. He ended with the powerful reminder that the rich will one day also face death and all their treasures will be left behind. He was reminding of a greater purpose and greater plan in life than amassing great riches...but rather to be rich toward God! The pursuit of wealth, riches and material possessions is often wrought with many worrisome and anxious seasons, Christ then shows a better way, a better plan and purpose by giving these 6 principles to help in those seasons.

6 Things to consider regarding life's worries.

The word Consider comes from vs. 24 & 27 and means to "give careful consideration to, to understand completely, be concerned about." We must give some serious and careful thought to the following things...


a) Anxious = worry, be concerned about, stress. We often use the word stress as if it is acceptable for the believer. While it may be normal to face stresses and worrisome times it is never acceptable to live there for long. God has a better plan.

b) It has been said that worry is the sin of distrusting the promise and providence of God.

c) It is the common, even acceptable sin of Christians.

d) Our English word comes from a German word which means to strangle or choke. This is what worry does to people, it literally strangles and chokes all of the life from them. This is why we must change how we view anxiety or worry!

e) Worry is the OPPOSITE of contentment!

f) The Lord says, "do not worry about your life."

-what you will eat/drink (vs. 29) meaning that which is necessary for our survival, which was a constant concern for them! Also means that which we work for!

-Your body, What you will wear, your personal protections, comfort and care.

What often causes us anxiety or worry??? Food? Health, Possessions, Job, Clothing, Money, Relationships, Retirement, Family????

We are NOT to be anxious! We are not to worry! No Excuses....

So, consider your life!!!


a) Life is much more than food and the body more than just about what it wears or needs!Life is more than our bellies and our personal comfort!

b) Life us MORE than.... we must have a greater focus than just on the temporary, the immediate and that which only seems to consume us.

c) we must have a greater priority!

d) Consider your priorities and what do they say about us? What is it that consumes your time, energies, and yes your thought life? What is it that is your WORRY? What makes you anxious?


a) Ravens = some species of a Crow. This is not a fancy bird but a mundane, plain and common bird and most probably for them considered unclean!

Jesus said... think about them, look at them!

b) they do not sow or reap their food!

c) They don't have places to store their food!

d) God is faithful to feed them. HE Sustains them, nourishes them... Psalm 147:9

e) How much more valuable are you than them!!!

f) you are loved with a love that far exceeds the common provision for the animal kingdom. Our God will supply all you need. Phil. 4:19

4) CONSIDER THE FACTS... vs. 25-26

a) Worry never lengthens the life but often shortens one!

b) If the average age of death is 78 and we multiply it by 365 days and then times 24 hours it equals 683,280 hours. This represents 1 millionth of a life! Who can add 1 millionth to their life??? The answer... NO ONE!

c) You can worry yourself to death but never to life!

d) We do not see a tangible benefit to worry!

5) CONSIDER THE FLOWERS... vs. 27-28

a) lilies = not sure of the specific flower he had in mind but most probably a wild flower. So consider the wild flower! Look at them! Think about their plight!

b) They don't toil = labor, work, grow weary or lose heart! Spin = to make yarn thus they make not the effort to grow.


c) Solomon in all his glory was NOT clothed as beautifully as these "unnamed flowers." As rich and majestic as we are sure Solomon was dressed, he could never approach the GLORY of the WILDFLOWER!

d) if God so clothes the flowers of the field that in such a majestic and beautiful manner (he ask us a question to consider...)

e) how much more valuable are you! YOU!

f) Oh you of little faith... HE is increasing our faith by bringing things to mind we must consider! They teach us how much HE loves and cares for HIS own!

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