Summary: This describes our 7 biblical Duties as Fathers to our family. These 7 duties are not only God-given but God's attributes toward us His children. God bless


By Gleno G. Narvaez

One father woke up a bit worried. Yesterday, the school teacher called up reminding him of their children's monthly school dues. He was thinking where to get the money to be able to pay the bills. Their weekly budget was already used up for other needs. Today, they have scarce of food on the table and money is yet coming in the afternoon. He was worrying and wondering what to do to be able to meet the needs of his family.

Thank God. Money came in the afternoon and some needs are met.

The above story and similar stories reflect our God-given responsibility as a father. But what are the duties of a Dad? How can one say that he is a great dad? What are the things the qualities that qualify us to be called a great dad? In few days from now the world will celebrate a very special day for Dads—the Father’s Day. I would like us to talk about this and discuss the 7 Duties of a Great Dad. Let’s begin.

How do you define Duties? Merriam-Webster defines duty as “a conduct due to parents…, obligatory tasks, service, or functions that arise from one’s position.” The 7 Duties of a Great Dad are obligations or functions that every dad must perform. Taken from the Gospel of Matthew 6:9-15, these duties are the following:

1. Availability - A great Dad is Present usually –v.6

2. Godliness - A great Dad lives righteously – v.9

3. Leadership – A great Dad leads the Family – v.10

4. Provision – A great Dad provides responsibly - v.11

5. Love – A great Dad loves unconditionally – vv. 6, 8, 12

6. Protection – A great Dad protects regularly- v.13

7. Discipline – A great Dad disciplines consistently - vv.14-15

1. AVAILABILITY - A great Dad is Present usually.

The first duty is to be available or at least to be usually present. I cannot fully comprehend the term “absentee-father”. How can a dad function if he is absent for his children and wife? A lot of studies show that the presence of a dad helps in his children’s education especially in Math, Science and Reading subjects. His presence also helps the stability and discipline of children.

A young man once told a story about his father regularly invited him to drink coffee when his father was still alive. He didn’t actually like coffee but he was just being obedient and polite to his dad. When his father died, he then realized that their coffee-time was his Dad’s way of spending time with him: mentoring and teaching him the lessons of life.

2. GODLINESS - A great Dad lives righteously.

Many months ago, I was with my family and was driving along going home. When suddenly a speedy, reckless bus passed over us almost hitting the right side of our car. Immediately my blood got over my head and I was furious. In anger, I said to myself "I will get even with this crazy man". At once, I shifted gear and started a hot pursuit. Then Bolet, my wife, who was beside me said, "Stop and let go". She added "you are a Pastor". Right there and then I mellowed, calmed down and stopped the pursuit. I remember that my children were there and could have seen my "ungodly" attitude towards the bus driver.

We have a TV ad that says "whatever an adult do, children do". The above incident and this TV ad remind us of our responsibility to be a good example to our children. It doesn't matter what we do at work or who we are in life. What matters is that we live and leave a righteous legacy to our next generation especially to our children.

3. LEADERSHIP - A great Dad leads the Family – v.10

It's Sunday. Last night I told our children that we have to be early today because we have visitors at church. Arriving visitors are Jews from the U.S. so we are excited to hear them. Since our children were born, my wife and I bring them to church on a regular weekly basis.

We do not ask them to go church. We bring them. I think every father should do. You may have heard of Samuel and Hannah, his Mom. But have you heard of Elkanah? He is the father of Samuel. The Bible says that Elkanah brought his family to church on a regular basis. 1 Samuel 1:3-4,21 (NIV)

How many fathers out there who is like Elkanah? Dads like us should take the lead not only in spiritual matters but in all areas of our family in and outside our homes. If you haven't started, it's not yet late.

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